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"Take that . . .haters!"

Posted by mitchelljul Sep 7, 2010

Two and a half miles -- done!  I am running my first 5K on October 10, and I'm actually excited.  I am proud of what I've done and how far I've come.  I'm even looking forward to the rest of my training.


I came upon an interesting thread on a different website.  Someone posted about how he saw a 3.1 sticker on a car and thought it was hysterical.  Others wrote in also joining in on the joke.  While I get that 3.1 miles is a drop in the bucket to many runners, but I had really been encouraged by the fact that I thought most of the running community were supportive encouraging people.  There were even some who thought 13.1 stickers were amusing.  Now, I do have to say that many people wrote in defending the 3.1 sticker owner, but I was a bit disgusted by some of the other posters.  We all have things that we're great at, but that doesn't mean we have to look down at others who aren't at our level.  How about applauding the fact that the sticker owner is doing something active and getting out there?!  I will PROUDLY display my 13.1 sticker when I complete my 1/2 marathon in February, and if people want to laugh, bring it on.  Haters.


To all you slow, struggling runners out there, take heart in this:  we are doing something the majority of the population is not.  When I complete my half marathon, I will have done something that most people I know have not.  More importantly, I will have accomplished a goal I set for myself, and no laughter can kill that.

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