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Almost there

Posted by mitchelljul Feb 21, 2011

The Princess Half Marathon is this Sunday, six days away.  I haven't run any considerable distance in what will be three weeks due to injury, so I am just hoping to finish.  I have gotten reassurance from many people that my fitness should still be there -- I'm just hoping the injury feels completely healed so that I can at least feel I'm doing my best.  Light cardio training this week and one more chiropractor appointment -- here's hoping and praying it all works out in the end.


Update to follow!

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Three Weeks Away

Posted by mitchelljul Feb 6, 2011

I have been very remiss in posting blog entries, but I'm still running.  On November 20th, I ran a 10k.  It was an inspiring and humbling experience all in one.  I had only run five miles at that point, a good 1.2 short of the distance, and I'd only done that once.  The 10k would be my new long run, but I had committed to a friend that I would do it, and I refused to back out.  I figured that in a worst case scenario I'd have to walk some of it, but I hoped not to.


I didn't walk any of it -- I ran the whole darn thing.  And it was hard!  The five mile marker came at the end of a bridge over a tidal bay, and as you looked hopefully at the marker declaring only 1.2 left, a hill rose from it.  And this was a HILL.  It sat there mocking -- like a huge middle finger in the road.  I was running alone.  I had several friends all running the race, too, but as they were faster than I am, I was now trudging along on my own.  To make sure that I didn't run too fast, I had kind of fallen into a pace behind a man (who I later learned was 64, ding to my pride).  As long as he kept running, I did, too.  But, when we go to that hill, he started to WALK!  I wanted to scream, "No!  Please keep running!  If you walk, I have no reason to keep running."  But then, I dug deep and just kept running -- on my own -- with no one to tell me to, no one watching or judging -- I did it for me.


And I did it.  I ran the whole thing.  It was a milestone for me in my training journey, and it really helped confirm that I will be able to do the half.


So, almost three months later, I have completeted two 10 mile long runs.  I ran another 5k where I took 3 minutes off my first time and broke 10 min/mi.  Today's long run wasn't as good -- I was supposed to do 11 and ended up doing 7 due to a slight back injury.  But for once, I'm not freaking out.  I'm confident that I will be able to run 13.1 in just three weeks, and I can't wait to cross that finish line.  My daughter will be there waiting for me, and that will make all the training worth it.


Run, Momma, run, run!

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