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So, last night I officially registered for my very first competitive sporting event since high school (14 long years ago).  I registered for the "Got The Nerve" sprint triathlon on Memorial Weekend in Mt. Gretna, PA.  I almost hyperventilated before I could take myself into clicking the submit button.  The I immediately called my sister (she who is taking pity on me and will be my partner), and asked her if it was too early to panic or if I should wait until closer to the race.  I used to swim in high school so I'm not really worried about that part of the event, other than finding a wetsuit that will fit (Athena class) and wondering if I can wear surf shoes so nothing nibbles on my toes.  The run (walk?) part of the event doesn't worry me either.  It's the bike thing.  I haven't been on a bike in 14 years.  I don't even own a bike.  It's cold and wintery here in Pennsylvania and I can only do so much to prepare on the bikes at the gym.  I've tried finding a local tri club because I've heard they're good for support, but the only one less than 1 hour away has a bad web link.  I've asked myself multiple times today if I started smoking crack and no one told me.     I will finish this race.

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I just registered for my first competitive event in 14 years. I'm scared to death

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