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New piece of equiment...

Posted by mrednorb Jan 25, 2009

We brought home a new addition to our family yesterday... a treadmill.  I almost feel guilty, like I'm letting down or betraying a friend.  Since I started running (off and on since December 2007,  full time since August 2008) I've been enjoying the trails in my own neighborhood.  Nothing beats getting out there early in the morning, enjoying the quiet and breathing in the fresh air.  However, this will soon come to an end as I embark on a new challenge of finding time to fit in everything I do as a wife, mom, friend and volunteer and add a new job on top of it.


I personally prefer to run in the morning as it is a wonderful way to start my day.  Now iwth a new job at hand, I have a choice of either getting up and running at 4 AM or rearranging my schedule and running after work.  Since 4 AM sounds a little early, I'm opting for after work.  This should work out well until the heat starts to move in, around the beginning of April, hence the treadmill.



As much as I will miss the morning runs, I won't miss the stray dogs, speeding cars or the soreness that comes from the unforgiving concrete. And, there are always the long runs to look forward to on the weekends, when I can get up early to run outside, just not at 4 AM.



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