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I'm not even going to try and lie to the community and say I've been working out and eating right. I've been so wrapped up in everything else that I've excused myself from it. My personal trainer friend, Jana, has been ON me. She won't let up which is what I love about her. She did introduce me to John Foy ? is that his name and his 4-3-2-1 approach. It jump starts you and your fitness for 10 min a day. Easy, I'm able to do it at home, and 10 min! who can beat that. Has anyone else heard about this?


I have seen overall though, that I am making healthier choices. I'm not "dieting" just choosing healthier. I feel better physically but still need to reduce caffeine. Since it is Monday and Monday is known as a notorious "start" day for many things, I decided to post an overdue blog and restart myself. This past week has been uber lazy week.


Ha, my husband just walked in from his workout, and said what would you think about getting a BowFlex?? How ironic is that? Any thoughts on that? It looks a little intimidating to me.


Anyway, here's to a new start! Cheers!!! (As I tip up my water glass)


March is looming fast, especially with a 5k staring at me!

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     So I decided to start the "challenge". Up to 6 pds in 2 weeks? Let's hope so, I need somewhere to start. I'm also using the Lose It app on the ipod, which tells me that I should intake 1,200 calories a day. How does someone survive on 1200 calories a day? I don't understand.

     So day 1 (yesterday) all I'm craving is junkfood. Twizzlers or jelly bellys would've been fabulous! Of course, I didn't do it:) I did however track all I ate and drank, did not exercise, and ingested a total of 2320 calories, including 2 grande espresso truffles from Starbucks which came up to almost 700 calories. Of course, it looks like I'll have to cut those out. Today however I've only had a total of 1182 calories. No exercise-I didn't have time! I will do it tomorrow though. Nutrition and weight loss kind of depend on it right? Seeing that I'm having "fruity" cravings, I think my best bet would be yogurt. The Special K chocolately delight covers my chocolate cravings.

     When you start actually looking at what you eat, its disturbing. Where do all these calories come from? If I don't track my calories-how much am I actually intaking? I know there's been days I've had to intake like 4-5000 calories. How much fat is that? Has anyone else found this?

     Slight and constant headache all day. I wonder if its a vitamin deficiency or caffeine withdrawl. If anyone else has had this problem while "dieting" please let me know.


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Starting the New Year

Posted by mrsstinchcomb523 Jan 4, 2010

Well, my time has not been spent wisely so far this year. March is my first ever 5k and I've spent the last 4 days sitting on my couch. Wallowing in my after holiday gluttony and the sense of doom as my pants are tighter and I feel lazier. How am I supposed to get ready in 3 months when I don't want to be last? Being that I have no regimen and have not had one in the last 2 months I feel this is not the way to start the new year. One I was hoping would put me at my goal weight of 155....soooo, losing about 30 pds give or take. Don't get me wrong I can still run/walk at 185pds that's not an excuse or anything. I just thought I would feel better by now and I could include this 5k in my "weight loss" program and start an actual regimen to feel better about myself. Does anyone else get what I'm saying?

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