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Days 1 and 2 of the Special K Challenge

Posted by mrsstinchcomb523 on Jan 11, 2010 5:31:51 PM

     So I decided to start the "challenge". Up to 6 pds in 2 weeks? Let's hope so, I need somewhere to start. I'm also using the Lose It app on the ipod, which tells me that I should intake 1,200 calories a day. How does someone survive on 1200 calories a day? I don't understand.

     So day 1 (yesterday) all I'm craving is junkfood. Twizzlers or jelly bellys would've been fabulous! Of course, I didn't do it:) I did however track all I ate and drank, did not exercise, and ingested a total of 2320 calories, including 2 grande espresso truffles from Starbucks which came up to almost 700 calories. Of course, it looks like I'll have to cut those out. Today however I've only had a total of 1182 calories. No exercise-I didn't have time! I will do it tomorrow though. Nutrition and weight loss kind of depend on it right? Seeing that I'm having "fruity" cravings, I think my best bet would be yogurt. The Special K chocolately delight covers my chocolate cravings.

     When you start actually looking at what you eat, its disturbing. Where do all these calories come from? If I don't track my calories-how much am I actually intaking? I know there's been days I've had to intake like 4-5000 calories. How much fat is that? Has anyone else found this?

     Slight and constant headache all day. I wonder if its a vitamin deficiency or caffeine withdrawl. If anyone else has had this problem while "dieting" please let me know.


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