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So I believe I pushed myself a little too far today.  I ran 6 days straight until Saturday and put in 27 miles.  I then ran a 15K (not an official race just on my own time) and felt like absolute death after.  I sat in my bathroom trying to throw up for a half hour to no avail.  I then proceeded to wait 3 hours to eat because I felt so crappy.  Now that I ate I realized not eating was a huge mistake.  I am usually on top of things with my nutrition but I've been slipping lately.  I need to get back to my normal self this week.  Definitely taking a break from running tomorrow. 

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Detroit Free Press Marathon

Posted by msucj21 Jun 8, 2010

So I have strongly been considering running a marathon lately.  The Chicago is sold out and way too big for my first attempt.  I am from Michigan and I heard about the one in Detroit.  I am highly considering doing it.  I could have a ton of family and friends come to cheer me on and motivate me as well.  I have grown to love running so much and I really think I can build up the strength and will power to do this.  I'm going to think about it for a few weeks and then decide!

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Soldier Field 10 Mile

Posted by msucj21 May 31, 2010

I completed the longest race of my life on Saturday, 10 miles.  It was enjoyable.  I thought it would be a lot tougher but the miles went by fast.  The worst part was the fact that my headphones broke on the 1st mile so I had no music.  I can't stand listening to myself and others breathe while I run.  The course was beautiful and of course flat Chicago style.  The best part of the race was the finish.  We finished on the 50 yard line of Soldier Field (where the Bears play).  There were tons of people cheering runners on at the finish which is always nice.  After finishing the run, I now know I am prepared for a half marathon.  Next year it's on to the full!

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100 Miles in May!

Posted by msucj21 May 12, 2010

I set a lofty goal to run 100 miles this month.  I am pretty sure I can do it as I was at 83 last month.  The first week in May started out a little rough with only 13 miles but that can be attributed to knee pain and traveling.  This week, the knee pain is gone.  I've already put in 17.2 miles and I still plan to do another 13 or so miles.  I went out for a 7 mile run today.  I've been stuck inside all week because it decided to get freezing in Chicago in May (per usual).  I went outside today.  It was a little cold for my liking but it got worse when I was about 5.5 miles in.  It decided to down pour which was no fun when it's 48 degrees out.  Oh well, the run felt great as well as the nice hot shower after

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Today I ran the Run to Remember 5K in Chicago to honor fallen Chicago Police Officers.  I really enjoyed the environment as I am a huge supporter of the police and an aspiring officer.  The course was pretty good.  Pretty hilly at times and monotonous as the lake shore trail by the yacht club is getting old (I ran another 5K a month ago with that same area in it).  The only gripe I had was the end being on an uphill.  However, the end was inspiring as they posted pictures of the officer's who have been killed in the line of duty on the way to the finish shoot.  I ran my fastest time since getting back into competition this year and I am proud of that.  I was even nursing some runner's knee. 

I ended up running it in 26:54 with 8:40 miles.  I am happy because I have improved in every single 5K I've run this year.  I thought the worst today with this knee pain but I pulled through.  I was also happy to know I beat a substantial amount of cops.  I guess I'll be good at chasing the bad guys someday

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Ravenswood Run 5K

Posted by msucj21 Apr 25, 2010

So today I ran the Ravenswood Run 5K in the Ravenswood neighborhood on the North Side of Chicago.  The weather was virtually perfect, mid 50's and cloudy (no rain).  I enjoyed the course a great deal as well.  It was truly a neighborhood run.  The course went through small neighborhood streets and the houses along the way were beautiful.  I might be scouting moving up to that neighborhood eventually

The run itself went just okay for me.  I was worried about my knee as I have been having some nagging irritation over the past few days but it didn't bother me one bit.  My body felt fine other than the fact that I am getting a slight cold and having upper-respiratory issues from it.  At about a mile and half I had a hell of a time pulling through because I had to keep clearing my throat and the breathing was rough.  However, having my mental state of mind I would not let myself give up no matter how bad the throat irritation was. 

My official time was 27:18/8:47 pace.  I really wanted to do it in 26:00 today so I could be seated for the Soldier Field 10 Miler but my sickness held me back.  I can't complain though because this 5K is an improvement on my last one.  I did it 18 seconds faster.  By the end of the summer I would like to be running an 8:00 flat mile.  That is my stretch goal!  I know I'm not fast but my endurance is great and I love this sport--even if I don't ever win a race.

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Over the past few months of training, I've compiled a list of my pet peeves in my head that I am sure other runners encounter.  I live and run around Chicago so my pet peeves are catered that way.

-Mindless walkers who take up the entire sidewalk even if they see you coming

-Approaching a slow walker from behind and the fact that they can't hear my loud breath amazes me

-People smoking cigars/cigarettes (I know this can't be controlled but it's still annoying)

-People who dart out in front of you from a storefront when they clearly see you coming

-Cars not using turning indicators and then getting pissed at you when you run in front of them

-Cars blocking crosswalks

-A new one I encountered today: A random fat guy asking me "why are you running skinny?".  Uncalled for.

-Lake trail pet peeve--People who walk in packs across the entire track (both ways) and don't get out of the way.  Have some sense people.

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Endurance Improvements

Posted by msucj21 Apr 17, 2010

I went out for a run today and my endurance is continuing to amaze me.  I ran 9.2 miles and maintained a 9:25 pace.  I don't consider that bad at all since I have never once run that far in one run.  I am also supposed to be doing my long training runs at conversational pace anyway.  I'm currently following Hal Higdon's intermediate 15k/10 mile training guide.  It's extremely helpful and flexible to my needs.  The run today felt great and I had no pain whatsoever.  My diet and glucosamine chondroitin supplements are helping me in that arena I think.  I definitely know I can easily finish the Soldier Field 10 miler at the end of May.  I'm not even worried about finishing a Half Marathon either.  If this progress keeps up, I should be ready for a full marathon.  A full marathon is one of the number one things on my bucket list.  Chicago's Marathon for this year is already sold out so I will shoot for next year definitely

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Wrigley Early Start 5K

Posted by msucj21 Apr 10, 2010

I ran the Wrigley Early Start 5K in Chicago today.  The weather was perfect.  Sunny and about 55 degrees when it started.  The course was flat with a few foothills (what's new in virtually flat Chicago ).  My fiance' actually participated too.  It was his first 5K ever.  I ended up beating him by 10 seconds but that was because he has a nagging knee problem right now.  He was about a minute ahead of me until the last half mile when the pain set in.  As for me, I had no pain at all.  I didn't set a PR but I am happy with how I did for my first 5K since high school cross country.  My unofficial time is 27:40.  Their clocks were way off so hopefully the timing chip results are more accurate.  I enjoyed the course but the first quarter mile was ridiculous in terms of overcrowding.  The start shoot was way too narrow and it was a battle getting around all the slow people.  After a quarter mile or so people spread out so it was easy to go.  The scenery was nice as most of the race went along the lake shore trail and up the museum campus back to Grant Park.  I always love seeing that finish line too Time for more training and another 5K on the 25th this month

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I am finally over my stress fracture and have been putting in 15 miles on average per week for the past 3 weeks.  I feel 100% again.  I started taking glucosamine chondroitin about 3 weeks ago to assist with eliminating joint pain and I have seen a difference.  My knee pain doesn't seem to linger like it used to.

I'm running my first 5K since I was in high school tomorrow.  I am hoping to do 8:30 miles but we shall see.  I am doing the Wrigley Early Start 5K.  I actually have a ton of races lined up that I can't wait for.  I cannot begin to explain how happy I am to be putting in all these miles again.  My body is in tip top shape and I feel great.

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I ran my first 8K of my life on Sunday March 21st in Chicago.  I participated in the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle.  I've been training since January but had a set back on February 13, 2010.  I was running in extremely worn out New Balance shoes and suffered a stress fracture.  The doctor confirmed it through a bone scan on February 28th.  Ever since that date, I have been in an orthopedic boot and going crazy because I couldn't run.  On March 14th, I went out for my first run since and completed 3 miles.  It felt great and I continued throughout the week and did 15 miles.  By Sunday 3/21 I was ready for the shuffle.  Technically, I was not supposed to run it as I am supposed to be in the boot until the first week in April but I couldn't help myself. 

I toughed it out and went down to Columbus and Monroe to run the Shuffle.  It was far too cold for my liking but what more can be expected in Chicago!  The worst part was waiting for the gun to go off-I just wanted to run and warm up.  The gun finally went off for my wave at 9:20 am and we were on our way.  The first 2 miles were very easy and flat.  The last 2.97 miles were challenging but my pain was non-existent.  I definitely learned 90% of running is mental.  I kept my head in the game and would not allow myself to stop and walk like a ton of people I saw.  When I was in high school, I did not care much for running and would walk part of 5K's nearly every race.  This race, I didn't allow it to happen.  I toughed it out and made it through.  The end of the race was the most challenging as there was a huge hill up Roosevelt at about .30 miles left.  Once I got to the top of the hill, it was a downhill relief and the finish line was in sight.  I gave it all I had and crossed the line at 46:29.  This averaged out to about a 9:21 mile pace and I couldn't argue with that considering I have a stress fracture and it was my first race since high school.  I would eventually like to race with 7:30-8:00 minute miles but I have to heal before that can happen.  I am definitely ready now for racing season to begin.  Bring it on.

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