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Newton's to the rescue

Posted by niemsco on Nov 13, 2007 8:17:00 PM

If you've read some of my previous posts I've made some references to a pair of Newtons I invested in about a month and a half ago. A few weeks ago I swore I would never wear them again and they were a waste of money. Maybe it was three weeks ago. Anyways..... I never tossed them aside or donated them like I suggested. Maybe I was too stubborn about the 175 price tag and wanted to wear them down to the core before moving on. In any event I continue to run with them.


I got them a few weeks before the Chicago Marathon and put about 50 miles on them before running it. I complained bitterly about leg pain in the last few miles, nevermind the heat, I blamed the shoes!! But even weeks after, I still had issues with the shoes and had lower leg pain.


To make a long story short I think these are the best shoes invented and I realized this on Monday. I decided to stick with the shoe obviously. I read on their website a few things that were interesting. Such as if you are not a true forefoot runner you may have some aches and pains as you will be using muscles you have not used before. This is similar to my computrainer. Computrainer tells me how efficient my pedaling is, actually measures the torque at each angle in the stroke. Bottom line is it tells you how efficient you are and wiggling here and there you can get the numbers up, but it hurts in the beginning. Newtons are the same. I guess I wasn't a true forefoot runner like I thought, more of a mid foot runner.


But let me tell you I went for a run on Monday and I was nothing but forefoot. I could keep a 100 cadence whether I was running 9min/mile or 7min/mile, and I never felt any pressure on my heels at all. I could really feel the actuators on the shoes propelling me forward. It took me 150 miles to get use to them and I was running like I never ran before. Now I can't say this is making me any faster, but because I do Ironman I'm very encouraged by the show because they enable me to maintain a high cadence on the forefoot, which is crucial when you are tired after the bike. I think it will improve my IM marathon time, but not sure about straight marathon time. I don't plan to run any straight marathons in 08, but will run some halfs.


I've become a true believer in these shoes, for now until something goes wrong :)... but one absolute at least for me is they changed my running style. If you are not a true forefoot runner they probably will cause some discomfort for awhile. And if you are a heel striker you should use these in moderation with other shoes as they suggest... believe me its going to tear you up. By the way, the shoes actually do wear from the outside in, so even though they look like s&*t on the outside they are getting more comfortable on the inside. They make this claim on their website and its true. I'll keep plugging away on them for at least 300 miles. I'm not doing a lot of running mileage right now, so I can save some money to buy others some presents for Christmas



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