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Greetings! I'm sitting here on my rest day enjoying the time off from a great week of training. While the weather remained bone chilling cold with windchills below 20 degree F, I had a lot of quality time on the Computrainer and the treadmill. Today however its 35 degrees, so I'm looking forward to next week.


I hit my two big ones this week which were a 2 hour run and a 4:45 brick. I got a total of 17 hours 40 minutes, broke it down as follows:



Run (60min): treadmill hills, 7 repeats at about 6%

Bike (45min): easy recovery, zone 1

Swim (30min): vasa



Swim (75): masters

Bike (75): cadence workout on CT, kept to zones 1 & 2

Strength (45): AA training (Joel Friels plan)



Run (120mins)

Swim (40mins) : easy, worked on some drills into longer sets of 400



Bike (90mins): Hilly ride getting into Zones 3 and 4: I would vary the incline on the CT simulating hills.. It was tough

Swim (30mins): vasa



Swim (75): masters

Run (50min): zones 1 and 2

Strength (45): AA



Bike (4hours): Riding IM AZ course on CT, kept to zones 1 and 2, but got into 3 for about 49 minutes

Run (45min): immediately following the bike


Sunday: Rest


Feeling good on Sunday, next week I think is a recovery week, need to check with coach, but I might do a longer bike. Eventually will get my bike over 6 hours and run probably 3+. Still need a shed some pounds I gained over the holidays. No injuries to report, but the bike worked me over a bit. It's tough to do a 4 hour ride on the CT, harder than the actual road in my opinion.

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Posted by niemsco Jan 21, 2008

Its been a few weeks since I've written and I looked at the last entry where I seem pretty excited about getting into training again, my excitement wasn't so great the last few days.  Its been a long two weeks of training since then, and there has been more mind training that I've had to deal with than actual physical training it seems.  Week 1 was pretty good, I got my hours up to nearly 15, and had a long run of 80 minutes and long bike of 3 hours on the computrainer.  Now if things remained "normal", getting in the hours is not such a big deal, but as I'm not a professional triathlete, having training free days is not so easy to come buy.


Last Saturday as I finished the long bike and then went to lift weights, I had an evening flight to France where I was to attend a company kickoff meeting.  The original week of training my coach had me on was adjusted as I didn't know what I would have available to me.  I didn't have a pool so I had some swim cords, just needed to have some type of bike and a place to run for the most part.  I was actually at Disneyland in Paris, which was interesting.  I managed to get two a days for most the days, even suffering through jet lag and a few long nights of "company activities".  I even got a 100minute long run in the day before I left.  The problem occurred on the way back getting into the US.  I had planned to do my long bike on Saturday but I had nothing in me.  I think I was more mentally drained than physically.  I look back on it a few days later and I'm pretty disappointed.   It was a challenge of the mind I missed out on, which is very important for an IM experience.  No matter how exhausted I may have seemed I should have still gotten on the bike and did the 3:30 hours on the CT, then ran.  It shows me that my mind is not yet ready for the IM, but at least I realize this.  


Even Sunday morning I didn't feel like doing anything, but finally I snapped out of it and got in almost four hours biking, running, swimming and even lifting weights.  I went a little overboard.  Luckily my wife was understanding and my daughter had a play date in the afternoon, so instead of sitting around watching TV I started up again.  I managed to get in nearly 11 hours for the week, where I wanted to get in 15.  I have to get my mind in the right mind set to overcome the work issues.  I'm expected to go back to Europe in a few weeks and I'll be in Asia (Japan and Korea) before mid year.  I'm trying to push those trips to after IM Arizona.


I guess the lesson learned is to try and get the workouts in no matter the cost.  When you finish you will feel better.  Unless you are injured or sore, which I was neither, you have to beat the negative thoughts, otherwise those thoughts are going to beat you down during the race.  Luckily its still early in the training schedule but I need to create the IronMind set.  IM training is as much the mind as it is the physical toll, sometimes its more mind than anything.  Training for an IM is going to have its highs and lows, I experienced this in my last IM, just need to train the mind better and acknowledge the negative thoughts.  The mind is always trying to get you to sleep in, or skip a workout, but come race day you will feel better that you didn't and can trust what you put into the bank.

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IM Arizona - Time to train!

Posted by niemsco Jan 7, 2008

Ok, well today is the first day of build phase #1 for IM training.  I finished my last recovery week in good shape yesterday and look forward to working hard the next few months to get lean and mean


Right now I won't have a tune up race until March 18th, which is a half marathon.  I don't plan on doing any indoor tris before the IM, so IM will be my first tri of the year.  I think that's fine however.  In March I'll get some open water training in Florida as I'll be on vacation for a week.  I'll need a new wetsuit this year, so I'll have a chance to work it in.  Plus I'll use it in masters a few times.  I may get some looks, but who cares. 


My original plan was to peak for IM Wisconsin, my second IM of the year to try and qualify for Kona, but I've talked with coach and we revised the strategy based on my desires.   We are going to peak for Arizona also and go all out and see where I am, so I will not train through the race like I originally thought.  Why the heck not, I'd like to open it up on the bike and see where I end up.  So we are going to do... I guess just me... some 5-7 hour rides and some 3+ hour runs before April to get ready.  Probably go a bit over 20 hours a week and hold it.  That may be tough considering the life schedule and I will be traveling internationally and domestically this year for work.  


I've revised my major goals a bit for 2008 since I posted them. 


1) Qualify for Kona

2) Break 3 hr in the marathon (straight marathon not IM marathon). 


I'm not yet sure if I will run a marathon, but it's been my desire for awhile to break 3hr.  I put that on hold for last year to learn how to train for IM.  If I do well in AZ, I may run a marathon in May.  Otherwise I may run the Chicago marathon again and give it a shot.  Depends.   I'll update this blog with my training log:



50 minute run in Zone 1.  I crept into Zone 2 however.  Not something I can really afford to do.  Need to get a lot of easy aerobic runs in.


55 minutes of x-training (20 minute vasa:  200m warmup / 4 x 200m sets at tempo / 100 cool down; and 35 minutes of Yoga)


Total: 1:45


Next week I'm in France so hope to get a good 14+ hours in this week because who knows what I'll get next.

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