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Countdown to IM AZ - Week 12 done!

Posted by niemsco on Jan 27, 2008 12:36:46 PM

Greetings! I'm sitting here on my rest day enjoying the time off from a great week of training. While the weather remained bone chilling cold with windchills below 20 degree F, I had a lot of quality time on the Computrainer and the treadmill. Today however its 35 degrees, so I'm looking forward to next week.


I hit my two big ones this week which were a 2 hour run and a 4:45 brick. I got a total of 17 hours 40 minutes, broke it down as follows:



Run (60min): treadmill hills, 7 repeats at about 6%

Bike (45min): easy recovery, zone 1

Swim (30min): vasa



Swim (75): masters

Bike (75): cadence workout on CT, kept to zones 1 & 2

Strength (45): AA training (Joel Friels plan)



Run (120mins)

Swim (40mins) : easy, worked on some drills into longer sets of 400



Bike (90mins): Hilly ride getting into Zones 3 and 4: I would vary the incline on the CT simulating hills.. It was tough

Swim (30mins): vasa



Swim (75): masters

Run (50min): zones 1 and 2

Strength (45): AA



Bike (4hours): Riding IM AZ course on CT, kept to zones 1 and 2, but got into 3 for about 49 minutes

Run (45min): immediately following the bike


Sunday: Rest


Feeling good on Sunday, next week I think is a recovery week, need to check with coach, but I might do a longer bike. Eventually will get my bike over 6 hours and run probably 3+. Still need a shed some pounds I gained over the holidays. No injuries to report, but the bike worked me over a bit. It's tough to do a 4 hour ride on the CT, harder than the actual road in my opinion.

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