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Training - Week 10

Posted by niemsco on Feb 10, 2008 6:36:25 PM


Another week in the bank:


total hours 16:11


swim 8400 yards

bike 103.85 miles

run 36.25 miles (long 2hr 15min)


Feeling strong on the run and the bike, stronger than previous IM training, and the swim seems to be improving. Still getting my arse kicked in masters by some strong swimmers. This week I focused on the long run and not so much the bike, next week I'll get back up to the long ride and run. Saturday I went for a 4:15 brick with a 2 hour computrainer ride on the IM WI course, then a 2:15 run. The last 1/3 of that run was at a hard pace zones 3 and 4. Simulated race conditions, and my legs felt like a race afterwards. Focus on the run was also on hill repeats earlier in the week. My first HM is in March and its the most difficult course in northern Illinois (so its been dubbed). Its in a section of the state near WI where its very hilly, very choppy in fact. I've done it twice before and haven't broken 1:40 yet on it, so this will be good test to see where I'm at. I would expect to beat that easily this time but who knows what will happen, can't control everything.


Weight is fluctuating a bit, I'm training a lot but eating a lot also. But still have gotten down under 143. Need to get closer to 138, ideally 135, but was up to 147. Nutrition is not the best part of my schedule, tonight I had pizza in fact with the family. But only once this week Scale says my body fat is less than 10 however, but I'm not sure I believe the Tanita Ironman scale. In fact it says something like 6, but I've weighed much less before.


Next few weeks are going to be 20 hours plus, then a recovery week before a 3 week build followed by a 3 week peak phase. I'm going to try and indoor tri next Sunday so that should be interesting. Never tried one of those before.


Need to focus more on general nutrition and get some more sleep. Other than that I'm doing great!





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