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Training update - IMAZ - 4 weeks left

Posted by niemsco on Mar 17, 2008 7:18:51 PM

Its been awhile since I posted.  Its interesting to see the numbers from previous weeks.  The only thing I can say about training over the last several weeks is that solid work on the trainer has payed off drastically.  The winter here in the Chicago area has been relentless.... in fact I haven't rode outside at all since IM Wisconsin if you can believe that.  But I'm a firm believer that a solid 5 hour road on a computrainer is worth 6+ hours on the road. 


I've been able to raise my FTP 30 watts since the first test last year.  I have an FTP now of 220.  I just ripped a 1:28:57 on the toughest HM course in Northern IL.  My previous PR on that course from two years ago was 1:43.  I was able to hold 171 watts for 4 hours on the IMAZ course last week, where I couldn't come close that previously.  While those hours spent in the basement doing 5-6 hour bricks were dreadful at times, regardless of how I do at IMAZ, I'm at a much better point than I've ever been.  Being consistent and dragging my butt around when I didn't necessarily want to has made all the difference. 


Swim is still getting there.  Fortunately next week I'll be on vacation in Florida and will have a chance to swim in the Gulf plus get a good long ride outside in some heat.  After that I'm off the Arizona.  So far so good.  Keep at it everyone.


I'm officially not running that Chicago Marathon again by the way.... I'm done with that, I'll look for a Tri, maybe in Nevada.... or who knows... in October..


The flu took me out for a few days a couple weeks ago, but other than that have been going at it.

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