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Another week done, 3 to go

Posted by niemsco on Mar 23, 2008 6:34:08 PM

Had a great week of training coming off the half marathon. It was a lower volume week at 17 hours but high intensity. I took it easy on Monday but started to ratch it up on Tuesday with Masters swim and bike. Throughout the week I took it easy on the run but pushed it on the bike until I got to Saturday.


Saturday was a key 5 hour 20 minute brick. A high intensity 3 1/2 hour computrainer ride on Ironman Wisconsin, pushing around 178 watts for the entire ride. Then the idea was to run hard for 1 3/4 hours, 10 miles in zone 3 around 7:30pace, 13.2 overall. The biggest different in my training now than for my first ironman are these long hard brick workouts. Previously my 5-7 hour brick workouts were mostly zone 1 and 2 efforts, simply trying to build the endurance to last a half day of racing. Now I'm moving a step beyond that and pushing some long hard efforts, as well as pushing more on the run, bike, and swim in general.


I'm recovering quick from workouts and no injuries (knock on wood!). Week 3 is going to be a high volume week but low intensity. I have a 3 hour run and 7 hour brick which I'm going to do in Naples, Florida (I'll be on vacation starting Thursday). The 6 hour ride in that brick is to just be in the saddle on the road for awhile. I'm trying to find a good route in Naples where I can do this. Most likely I'll just loop around (a few hundred times ), the neighborhood. It will also give me a good chance to get some open water swimming in, something I can not do in Lake Michigan this time of year, obviously!


My rear Zipp wheel has a crack in it! I took it to the LBS and they shipped it to zipp. Hopefully I will get it back while I'm on vacation, looks like a defect, not caused by me, so it its covered under warranty.  I plan to ship my bike out using So I need to have it ready by April 5th. If I can't get the Zipp, I may borrow my coaches race wheels, which he already agreed to. Bit of a bummer, but hopefully I'll have it back.


Keep focused everyone... and kick some butt!

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