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Ironman Arizona - 2 weeks to go

Posted by niemsco on Mar 31, 2008 11:48:27 AM

Let me first start by saying I drank and ate too much last night. I was celebrating my training so far going into my two week taper. The food was good though and so were the drinks!


Overall I had a great week nearly 20 hours, a 3 hour run and a 6 hour 20 minute brick. Getting some great power on the bike, and feeling pretty good in the open water, and not to mention the run has been strong ever since setting that PR at March Madness, of course even earlier then that.


So there is not much to do at this point other than follow coaches schedule and stick to the zones! Next week is still 14 hours so its not like we are cutting way back. I suppose there is danger in drastically cutting back, you need to ease up a bit, but try to maintain some intensity here and there. Work on the tan a bit more and I should be set! I'm actually anxious to start training for Ironman Wisconsin! I'm really going to hit the vasa trainer big time and hit it hard on the bike and try to raise the ftp again. Looking forward to some racing but I'll take one at a time! Getting outdoors with the bike has really been exciting. I feel like cycling may be my best sport right now.


I don't know what is up with my Zipp wheel yet. I may call the LBS while I'm on vacation.


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