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Its almost time to race!

Posted by niemsco on Apr 9, 2008 8:51:40 PM

Its getting close to the race, and I've had a hard time getting any work done today. In fact I probably should just take a vacation today, because I didn't do much. I plan on taking some work with me on the trip, this may actually calm me and keep me from getting caught up in the race hoopla.


So.... today I had an interesting track workout... Yes track workout several days before the IM. I've done this workout before my last IM and before Chicago. Basically it was 4 x (800 at 3:30, then 200 jog, 300 HARD, and 300 jog). I was to get my average HR for the 800s and my speed for the 300s. I did much better that in previous times. I was at a 7min/mile pace on the 800s and stayed in zone 2, high zone 2.. then the 300s were around a 5:30-5:20 pace.


After the workout I was a bit sore. It wasn't an all out track workout, fairly light just to get things moving and stay sharp, but still I had some things going on. I ended up getting a massage around 12:30pm just down the street. I can't say whether it helped or not, she didn't really apply pressure, but I guess this can be good at least she didn't do damage. As if this wasn't enough, I called my chiro to see if he could look at my left achilles as it was aching again. I saw him yesterday and he said if anything comes up let him know, so I said what the heck, my insurance covers it.


Now nothing hurts while I'm running and this only just sprung up, so I'm sure there is some mental things going on here. But the left achilles has been on and off since IM Wisconsin. So... he did this thing where he rolled out my calves... Ouch!!! I'm not sure what he called it, but he said not to worry this can only help, but it could bruise! He had some contraption which he used to do this. He sprayed some liquid on my calves and used this tiny roller pin. On my left calve it was really painful, that is where all the problems are. Apparently doing this to calves is going to help my achilles. Who knows...


Anyway I went out to dinner at my favorite Italian place with the family, packed up my stuff for the most part and hear that 1000 more flights on American may be canceled tomorrow! Great, that would effect me. I have the 10am flight out of O'Hare to Phoenix. The same flight today was canceled. So I'm crossing my fingers. Need to register by Friday or no race. I may need to take drastic measures like book another airline. That would hurt..


Lot of things going on today, the only thing bugging me really is the flights, but its out of my control. Had a strong run, fitness has improved a lot. Hopefully tomorrow I'll write from Phoenix.


Also having a wetsuit dilemma. My original got a rip in it while on vacation last week, so I got a new one while on vacation, but I don't really like it. Unfortunately now I can't really take it back. I got some wetsuit cement and tried to patch my old Orca. Hopefully this will work. I'm taking both to AZ just in case. The new one is actually a Blue Seventy Helix which people rave about. But I don't like it as much as my Orca. It has a reverse zipper which I don't trust. Seems like it would be too easy for someone to actually unzip it.

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