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Ironman Wisconsin next week!

Posted by niemsco on Sep 3, 2008 7:16:44 PM

Its been a long summer and long time since I posted. Mostly I've been doing this:




Not much of anything! I just got back from 2 weeks vacation in North Carolina on the beach. I've been over trained and just stopped for awhile.



Since Rockman I put in some pretty good performances at Racine Half Iron AquaBike : 3:04 and took 6th place, then Steelhead HIM, which turned into a duathlon because of strong rip currents at 4:20, top 10%, with a ripping 23mph+ 56 mile bike ride. I missed qualifying for the World championship however. I had been recovering and still am recovering from a torn left calf, if I had more recovery time I could have come close to qualifying I think. I was able to do the Aquabike where originally I was going to do the Half Iron in Racine, as I could not yet run at that point. Steelhead was the first time I was able to run and did a 1:41 half marathon after the 2:20 56 mile bike. So not that bad considering I hadn't run in several weeks, at least not hard.



That was about 5 weeks before IMWI which was my main race, but I hit a wall since. I just got tired of it all and felt like I peaked already. I took lots of time off and skipped several key long rides. I was just sick of looking at my bike. Gained some weight, but I'm fully rested.



IMWI is next Sunday. I still plan on beating my time from last year, in fact I feel pretty strong even though my final month of training has gone south. I've put so much time in over the winter and training for my early season Ironman in Arizona, I'm not all that worried about my fitness. I know experience and my fitness already should prevail.



After Wisconsin I'll make a decision on what race I'll do next. Its either Halfmax Long course nationals which Ive qualified for, Indy Marathon, or Silverman Ironman. I like the idea of doing Silverman, but it depends on what happens in Wisconsin. My calf has still not healed fully and may need to take some weeks off of doing nothing afterwards. I'll post my race results when done!



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