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Race not so good

Posted by niemsco on Sep 15, 2008 11:47:55 AM

Well the day came and came and came and went. IMWI was not the race I hoped for, in fact it was my slowest showing yet. Not due to poor preparation, but due to a few things which I had little control over. I finished 12:05 with a 1:14 swim, 5:55 bike, and 4:41 marathon. The marathon was a walk/run and I was in bad shape at this point.


The swim was a bit slow but my troubles started there with a powerful frog kick square in the middle of my face. It was enough to wake me up and I decided I would go wide of the buoys. Six minutes slower than my last IM swim, but not all that bad considering.


The trouble started on the bike. The night before my wife became sick. Stomach issues. I woke up not feeling all that well and had a hard time getting my bagel w peanut butter down. Only two hours into the bike I lost it. Threw up. I could not down my nutrition at this point and I was a long way from home. I had to hold off on the nutrition until my stomach came back, and I knew if I did this I would be in trouble as I need to get the calories in or I would bonk. Its catch 22. So I sort of struggled all the way through this sucker, and even though I finished 30 minutes faster than last year, I could have finished 50 minutes. I also got stung by a bee that got stuck in my aero helmet, in the head. I'm slightly allergic to these suckers, so I wasn't inspired by that.


By the time I got to the run, I was dizzy, dehydrated, and basically I had already bonked. I hit mile two and I sad ****, I'm in trouble. Its going to be a long one. And it was. I threw up a few more times. I ran into my coach around mile 13. He suggested I start taking chicken broth, I was way low on electrolytes at this point. This snapped me back and I could run again, but I would die down after 1/2 mile or so. I kept doing this to get me through the race. Toughest race I ever had in my life.

Me at the suffer fest next to the UW Madison football stadium.. Go badgers. I was running to tell my wife how much pain I was in and don't wait up


But finally I got through it





Sometimes it happens. I hope it doesn't happen to you, but if it does, just keep plugging away. Your training will pull through. I'm putting away my triathlon desires for the rest of the year. I'm racing at Ironman CdA and WI next year. I thought about Silverman, but I need to take a break from IM training and do something else...



So how about ultra running!  I signed up for my first 50 miler in Wisconsin on October 25th!  Hey maybe I can learn some stuff from Toby until then, but I start training this week!  Keep you posted. 






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