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I finished my first 5K

Posted by nikkicarr1 Nov 9, 2009

So Nov 8 2009 I completed my first 5k run in the Operation Troop Appreciation Race.  I was great!!!!!!!!!!!!  Official time 29:44/ 9:35 pace 124/ 213 overall 5/9 age 24-29.  My goals were 1) not be last, 2) try for 30:00 so I met my goals.


I was sweating like a pig when we got there and felt like I wanted to puke.  Then I got my bib and time chip and got ants in my pants to get the race over.  Tracy and I warmed up with a short jog around the lot, it seemed like forever before we had to line up and then forever more before the gun, but then I was off.  Not too fast, knew not to tyr to keep up with Tracy but was happy to see that I was able to keep her in my sight except around a few bends.


I was nervous about the hill, and as we rounded the high school we started down hill and I figured that it wouldn't be too bad coming back so the nerves over that left me until I rounded the bend and saw the REAL BIG HILL infront of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I tried to run it but it about killed me so I walked it. Once at the top I picked up the pace and tried to make up some time.  But then going down the hill hurt my shins so I had to slow way down.


As a came back arround the high school and saw that I can decreased the distance between myself and Tracy I was excited, then is was in view:  The FINISH LINE of my first race!!!!!!!!!!!!  Tears welled up in my eyes and I blinked them back, I didn't want anyone to see me cry.


I could see my sweet little Maddie waving and cheering with Emma and Sam and Tracy cheering and taking pictures I waved as I headed in cheering inside for myself, and MAddie ran out to cross the finish line with me.  And it was over and I was breathless, but not from the running but from the excitement.


I and accomplished something that I was so scared of and it was great.  Sam and Tracy were so supportive, and Sam has planted the idea of a 1/2 in my head for next May!


After some water/apples/music we loaded the tired little girls into the car and headed home.  My first race was over, now there is no turning back I must keep running, the only question is how far will I go.....

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So 9 weeks ago I signed up for a 5k and started the C 2 5K program with my only goals being able to complete the training program and the race, in one week I will be completing both goals, because I know I will finish the race no matter what.  But I have, over the last 9 weeks, found myself becoming stronger, happier, and commited to running.  I can now run 8:06min/mi pace and run 4mi without stopping to walk.  I am excited for my race instead of dreading it because I know I can do it and I know I won't be finishing last.  I have also found myself looking for more races to compete in despite the approaching winter months, including a turkey trot on Tday and a winter trail run in Dec, am I crazy?  But I know that I can do things now that I didn't think I could do before, and so why not keep pushing to see what else I am capable of right? RIGHT!!


I was never a runner and when I started this journey I don't think my family took me seriously, but that is not a dig at them, I didn't take myself seriously either.  Now I have decided I AM a runner and take it seriously and so does my family, my sister in law has even decided to join my race and invited me to be on her relay team for the next Great American Odessey Relay, that really showed me she believes in my abilities and supports me.


I still cannot force myself to get up and run in the morning, mostly because my hubby leaves for work at 5am and I cannot get up to run at 4am, I am still more commited to sleep than running, but right now I have been able to take my runs midafternoon if I set up my home visits aroung when I want to run, making it a priority in my day even though I cant start my day with running.  As it gets cool/cold the afternoon runs seem to benefit me in that the temp is quite comfortable, but come warm weather again I will have to reevaluate my run times because I will not do well in midafternoon summer heat for sure.


I have broken through my mental and physical barriers and truely love the Runners High, it is my addiction, no intervention needed thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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the start

Posted by nikkicarr1 Sep 4, 2009


I initially tried the running thing starting back in april this year out of jealousy of my sister in law and how fit she is.  She has been a runner and swimmer all her life, she has recently taken part in 2 triathlons and a relay from gettysburg to dc.  I got discouraged and quit when I would look at myself and feel I would never be as good as her.  But hten in quitting I have become even more dissatisfied with my physical self, not just how I look but how I feel physically and the choices I've made regarding my physical health.  I have reflected on my own self destruction as I admire my sister in law for her abilities and her appearance.  Don't get me wrong I'm fairly healthy and while weighing 141 at 5'3" I am not morbidly obese but I have weight I can spare to loose.  So after months of self loathing and picking on my husband or his lack of support for me and his lack of motivation for himself I said to **** with all of it, I want to loose weight and tone up and just feel better and look better and be healthier, I decided to get off my *** and do something about it.  So what if I my times are never as good as tracys and so what if my husband never gets off the couch, none of this is about them and if I focus on them through this process I will give up.  So back to active I came with the desire to follow the c25k program and playing around on the web site I stumbled across the list of races in the pittburgh area that found Opperation Troop Appreciation, a cause I could totally get behind and noted that thier race is 10 weeks away if I started week of 8/31/09 and noticed a discussion thread of people that were all starting the program the same week, and found word of encouragement to start then too.  I felt that if I had a clear goal and got past my insecurities and and fear of failure and stopped blaming others for my quitting I would be able to participate in the race.  I did not sign up until I completed a week of training but ......TODAY I COMMITED TO THE RACE.....I CANNOT QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






The first few days of the program I tried to follow the guidelines on walk/run times but today I ran until I could feel myself slowing and wanting to walk, but then I remembered what my sister in law had said "when you feel like you want to stop push through it, its a great feeling to break through that wall and know that you can keep going" so today every time I thought about slowing I convinced myself I could go just another 30 seconds ...just 30 sec more.  And I did over and over.  Now I just have to keep repeating it. 



Sounds like I will be repeating Dorie's mantra from finding nemo  "just keep swimming, just keep swimming" or in my case running.



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