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November 2010

In yesterday's 116-114 overtime win over the Wizards home game 76, the race to the fourth moment, Wizards center by John McKee - Wall pass, pulled up anger ready to buckle. By this time Brand has been approached a bit lost to McKee pushed to the ground, but even so, Brand also failed to stop the ball buckle into the basket McKee. The Brand of this behavior is not cool, it almost led to two more large-scale conflict.

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After both players in a stable mood, when the value of referee then by watching the video, a second decision foul whistled Brand and forward directly to the 76 NPC out off the field.

And the Alliance of emergency after the game was discussion of the foul, the final decision on a Brand suspended. As a result, today's 76 games away to the Raptors, Brand will miss the play.

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With the Chicago Bulls before the game, the Lakers in the paint is very clear that they will face a severe test, although Gasol with the Golden State Warriors in the war in a perfect performance, but when the Bulls play the situation is very different Joe Gold - NOAA will give the Spanish manufacturing great trouble. If Gasol's offensive power can not show, then the Lakers need to have other people inside to come forward to play this role most appropriate than Lamar Odom, and he did not disappoint today, with 21 points and he 8 rebound performance guarantees and threatening the Lakers inside. 5 years since joining the Lakers, Lamar Odom to go wrong with God has been too much criticism, many times people have underestimated his talent and overall ability.

Since NOAA's tough defense, Gasol has the ball today, even uncomfortable, when the Lakers need someone to vacuum the inside for the team, do this. The face of Gibson's defense, Odom full use of their own and comprehensive technical footwork to attack the opponent, he also Bijiasuoer to the basket more aggressively to attack, he gave the Bulls brought destruction inside. Odom than most games where the color of the third quarter, his fourth to vote in this section all the 11 points, it is because of his high efficiency in the paint, the Lakers withstood the Bulls before the comeback momentum in this section . Limited offensive in the night Gasol, Lamar Odom of the Lakers insider to come forward to continued destruction of the opponent. The Lakers spent only 800 million this summer to keep Odom absolute annual salary earned to see his performance, for other teams to take 15 million level of annual salary is not much.
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Bynum missed injuries, the Lakers need someone who can bench vacancies in the paint, Odom played the role perfectly. Since the start of the season, he brought the team to stability inside help, he and Gasol alliances inside the most aggressive portfolio, both of whom are also excellent to play the Lakers record of 13 wins 2 losses to open season the main reason. In the past two seasons as the good times and bad off the bench to play different starting lineup of Odom back to a very stable performance of the season only two games since he did not score over 10. Odom also in the field the past inattention problems, this situation may have changed this season, he was more focused than ever before in the field, which makes his "nonsense" a significant decrease in the number of mistakes.

Today's game in the fourth quarter, Lamar Odom played one minute 12 seconds and then was replaced, after which he again did not return to the court, which the Lakers face the Denver Nuggets a guest when the situation is very similar. The reason why Odom is not playing the game later, mainly because several of the Lakers bench Shannon - Brown, Matt - Barnes did a very good, they feel very good offense, coupled with the backward scoreBulls put small lineup to try to play counter-wave, which makes "The Master" choose to remain in the bench Odom.

In fact, Jackson had the choice may be another reason, which is injury.Jackson was introduced last week, Odom has been endured the pain of a sprained left thumb in the field to play, and he has pain in right foot, along with Lamar Odom of the Lakers front in the summer the only player without a good rest, He followed the USA Basketball World Championship campaign.In order to avoid further increase in the wounded inside, Jackson, Lamar Odom needs to control the way of playing time to ensure that he would not hurt.

Bynum back from injury before, Odom's starting position will be abnormal sound, he has to do is to extend their market performance, so the Lakers can maintain their inside attack, they win the grasp of victory will be greatly increased....

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