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Travel with a bicycle is a great way to combine the joy of being active and the pleasure of discovering new sights.



Tuscany is the most known region of Italy, where bicycle.



Here some good news about all you need to do to organize your independent bike tour of Tuscany.



You can choose 2 types of tour: One-day and multiple-day tours.






  • Riding on the famous "strade bianche" around Siena, wide trails and dirt roads that crisscross the haunting landscape of the Crete Senesi.

  • Combine bike and wine tasting in the Chianti region.

  • Visit medieval villages

  • Cycling up to the Tuscan hills and Tracks is a good way to stay fit while travelling


Top Bike tours:


  • The Chianti Bike Tour

  • Bike Tour in Castellina in Chianti

  • Bike Tour of Greve in Chianti

  • Siena and Florence city tour


Tips for Bike in Florence:


Florence is the most important city of Tuscany, its cycling paths are very good to visit all of its attractions.



The best way to visit the Florence City Center is by bicycle. You can enjoy the landscape, palaces, architectures, arts, people with your bicycle.



The city center is forbidden to cars, so you can go there renting a bycicle.



To park you bike you can use the bike stands all over Florence: In the train station, Piazza Strozzi, Via della Ninna near the San Lorenzo Market, Palazzo Vecchio and large public parking lots.



Equipment You'll need:



The first thing that should be done is hook up with a good bike shop. See for more info and have some ideas about prices and bicycles.



What to see in Florence:



  • Santa Maria del Fiore, also known as the Dome di Firenze is the city's beautiful cathedral.

  • Giotto's Tower - adjacent to the Dome, you can climb the tower for a magnificent 360-degree view of the Dome, Florence, and the surrounding area. Very good as a substitute of stepper (You have to do 414 steps to arrive in the top)

  • Baptistery famous for the Paradise door and beautiful interior.

  • Palazzo Vecchio - old city palace/city hall, adorned with fine art.

  • Ponte Vecchio the oldest and most famous bridge over the Arno.


What to see in Siena:


  • The Piazza del Campo, the unique shell shaped piazza at the centre of the city, and twice a year the racetrack for the Palio.

  • The Palazzo Pubblico, Siena's City Hall.

  • The Dome, Siena's magnificent black and white Italian Romanesque cathedral.

  • The Pinacoteca, full of Sienese paintings.

  • The Palazzo Salimbeni, built in 1472, is the world Headquarters of Monte dei Paschi di Siena.


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