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6 Families on 10 don't Like the Mediterranean Diet

Posted by ninny83 on Sep 1, 2008 9:49:37 AM


MONACO OF BAVARIA (Germany) - In declining consumption of bread, fruit, vegetables and olive oil while increasing the consumption of fat and calories: Well 6 on 10 Italian families have changed over the years their eating habits to the detriment of health, especially of heart.


This is from Monaco of Bavaria, where 35 thousand cardiologists from across the continent take part in the annual Congress of the European Society of Cardiology (Esc), complains that in Italy the Mediterranean diet  menu seems to be at a standstill and is increasingly unused. And from Monaco in the opening day of congress, is also 'appeal of Roberto Ferrari, the first Italian head of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC): "Enough with the attacks on the Mediterranean diet - says -, we return to sound Power 'Made in Italy' ".


But why this happens? It's a  fault of price increases? "Perhaps - answered Ferrari - but not alone. It shows a recent survey of FAO in the last 45 years the Mediterranean diet was gradually abandoned in its own places of origin.

A pity - comments the professor - because healthy eating is the most effective way, in order to remain healthy "and thus to prevent cardiovascular disease and not just those. In Italy it is estimated about 15 million hypertensive, 3 million to 4 million diabetics and of heart.




A citizen has over 5 cholesterol values too high. In this situation, just to strengthen the scientific evidence and improve the level of awareness of citizens on this theme was born in Italy the first 'Centre for the enhancement of the Mediterranean diet'. "A permanent structure, with a home made available by the Region of Sicily, a partner in the project which will involve the most relevant disciplines," continues Professor  Ferrari, which is of the Scientific Committee chairman. In addition to cardiology, are also involved oncology and diabetes, but also the metabolic diseases and paediatrics. "Why this diet - insists Ferrari - is really the 'winning weapon for the prevention of diseases so-called' daughters of welfare '."


The Centre, which will have a dedicated site and will be operational from mid-September, provides for the participation of some of the most authoritative Italian experts. "The first initiative - adds prof. Ferrari - will be the definition of 'Recommendations on nutrition and health': a shared document that will contain analysis retrospectives on the studies published and speeches of the experts to highlight the benefits of the Mediterranean diet compared to the others. A role of excellence that we hope will be recognized also by UNESCO, "said the cardiologist Italian recalling the petition, which has also joined Italy, which requires that the Mediterranean diet becomes' heritage of humanity. "We will seek to bring forward this cause - concludes Ferrari

on which UNESCO will decide in May 2009."



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