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November 2007

The 2007 San Diego 3-Day began with an emotional Opening Ceremonies at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. During the fabulous walkout, we caught our first glimpses of the sweep crew and the walker stalkers who would support us all weekend, including "Smile Guy and Little Grin"! The Young Survivors Coalition stood nearby, providing encouragement and a great photo op. Throughout our walk along the beachfront there was a ton of community support, including the two spunky girls dancing on top of their car. The “Frankie Say” Pit Stop refreshed us before the long climb up the Torrey Pines hill, and the San Jose Police biked alongside the route to make sure we were safe and happy. A highlight from Day One was the gorgeous Pit Stop 4, where sea lions played in the surf while we relaxed and rehydrated. The Elvis Pit Stop kept us laughing as we finished out the day and headed for camp. The first glimpse of camp was exhilarating as we spotted the pink and white tents on the horizon and knew we were close to our home for the night. 


On Day Two, the Texas CowBelles were out on the route bright and early to greet us and keep us motivated. The morning walk along the beach was beautiful and the surfers provided a nice distraction, while the “Groovin’ Girls” encouraged us to keep moving. The New Balance Cheerleaders cheered us  into Pit 2 where we had a chance to recharge before tackling some challenging hills. That afternoon, the “man with the hats” in his jeep kept popping up at just the right moments, and the live music at Pit 5 was so energizing that some of us traded in our walking shoes for dancing shoes!


At the end of a full day, camp was a welcome sight. During the camp show, we celebrated some dedicated participants who have walked in at least six events this year! And we were joined by some very special guests - breast cancer advocates from around the world came to share in the 3-Day experience. The 17 delegates from 10 different countries in the Middle East and Africa received a rousing standing ovation. It was an honor to welcome them to the 3-Day family. After wrapping up the evening with a dining tent dance party, we settled in under the stars to rest up for our final day of walking.


On the way out of camp on Day Three, we were greeted by some of our favorite walker stalkers, including the much-loved “Pom Pom Family”. Our 3-Day coaches were out on the route to congratulate us and keep us motivated. The community support was incredible and many of us enjoyed the warm chips and salsa provided by a local restaurant - a San Diego specialty. The Madcaps formed a tunnel for us to walk through and handed out homemade cookies and treats, while some locals gathered to cheer us up a giant hill. The friendly San Jose Police never let us go too long without some shouts of encouragement! After taking a break at the scenic lunch spot, we began the final miles of our journey – and found them lined with loved ones and supporters. The “Barbie Girls” cheered for us, while local Brownie Troops sang to keep us going. As we arrived at Holding, we were greeted by the cheers of crew members, fellow walkers and many of your favorite supporters. Then came Closing Ceremonies, where we celebrated the final 2007 3-Day and our steps toward a future without breast cancer.


Link to pics: 


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Imagine this:  You see a woman and she's holding a sign that says, "Thank you for walking!"  And you make eye contact with her and she says to you, "You are walking for me."  And you can hear her heart in her voice.  And all you can do is go over to her and hug her.  And it's the most human hug you've ever felt because in it, you know that she knows that you know she has cancer.  And in that moment, you completely understand that she may need that hug more than you may ever need a hug in your entire life.  And in that moment, your souls actually touch. And if you let it, it moves you, it shakes you, it marks you.  And it changes you.  And that is just one tiny little moment in 72 hours, or maybe 30 seconds of 259,200 seconds, of this entire 3-day walking event.



The 3-Day San Diegoe was once again one of the best weekends of my life so far.  It's intense.  It squeezes your heart and doesn't let go.  It lets you live in a world that for at least those three days, everyone is happy and nice and set-out to achieve a common goal together.  You feel like you are on this giant team, or a part of a gigantic family.  You walk, you talk, you learn, and you love.  And you are suspended in time, waiting for your next hug because all of a sudden you are addicted to them.     



Thank you to my sponsors, fellow walkers, the event crew, and the Susan G. Komen staffers.  Thank you to my team, the Soul Sisters.  I'd walk a million miles with you, and for you.  And thank you, mom, for teaching me to be the person I am today to be able to understand empathy and compassion for those around me.  That is such a gift.   



So take a look at my pictures, walk the route with us virtually, and hug somebody as soon as you can--because hugs are so tragically underrated.



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60-Mile Walk

Posted by noodleswap Nov 7, 2007

Tomorrow, I am off to San Diego, California for the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk.  Hopefully, I will be able to map the whole route with pictures, which will be fantastic for all of my sponsors to see!  Unfortunately, I will not have a computer with me, so you'll have to wait until I am back. The first pic is of my bags and shoes, ready to go! [|]

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The Police came to get me!

Posted by noodleswap Nov 6, 2007

Just kidding.  Actually, some of my friends came to get me and took me to see The Police, at Madison Square Garden!  They were pretty amazing.  No big light show. No video.  Just three guys on the stage, jammin' out.  I felt like I was at a small, intimate downtown venue.  It was pretty cool!  And even cooler to see the pictures on the map!  Check them out:

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Getting Ready to Roll!

Posted by noodleswap Nov 2, 2007

I have all of the goodies, but I am on a Mac, so it's been slow out of the starting gate!  Just got the info for the download which will allow my data to be configured on my machine and will be up an running asap tomorrow.  Off to see The Police tonight at Madison Square Garden in my favorite city in the world, and also my home, NYC. Taking my camera.  Hopefully they'll let me in with it...

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