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Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk in San Diego

Posted by noodleswap on Nov 23, 2007 6:32:00 PM


Imagine this:  You see a woman and she's holding a sign that says, "Thank you for walking!"  And you make eye contact with her and she says to you, "You are walking for me."  And you can hear her heart in her voice.  And all you can do is go over to her and hug her.  And it's the most human hug you've ever felt because in it, you know that she knows that you know she has cancer.  And in that moment, you completely understand that she may need that hug more than you may ever need a hug in your entire life.  And in that moment, your souls actually touch. And if you let it, it moves you, it shakes you, it marks you.  And it changes you.  And that is just one tiny little moment in 72 hours, or maybe 30 seconds of 259,200 seconds, of this entire 3-day walking event.



The 3-Day San Diegoe was once again one of the best weekends of my life so far.  It's intense.  It squeezes your heart and doesn't let go.  It lets you live in a world that for at least those three days, everyone is happy and nice and set-out to achieve a common goal together.  You feel like you are on this giant team, or a part of a gigantic family.  You walk, you talk, you learn, and you love.  And you are suspended in time, waiting for your next hug because all of a sudden you are addicted to them.     



Thank you to my sponsors, fellow walkers, the event crew, and the Susan G. Komen staffers.  Thank you to my team, the Soul Sisters.  I'd walk a million miles with you, and for you.  And thank you, mom, for teaching me to be the person I am today to be able to understand empathy and compassion for those around me.  That is such a gift.   



So take a look at my pictures, walk the route with us virtually, and hug somebody as soon as you can--because hugs are so tragically underrated.



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