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Backwards GPS

Posted by noodleswap on Dec 6, 2007 6:24:00 AM

Okay, so I am working backwards here using my own global positioning system to figure out where I was when I took these pictures from the plane.  My GPS turned out to be the Jet Blue in-flight flight tracker, my eyes, and Google. As CURIOUS as I was to see if the GPS would get a better satellite signal 35,000 feet closer to the sun, I didn't have enough guts to turn on the device in-flight.  I left my unapproved electronic device with an on/off button, OFF.  Hence, the retracing of my steps to figure out exactly where I took the pictures while in mid-air!


These are my best guesses, since the flight tracker isn't entirely precise in showing you where you are from the plane.  But, I think I did a pretty good job.  Some of the places were easy to find on the map, but some were not so much--like that first crop-farming pic.  That one's up for grabs!  (Although I'm pretty sure I have the right portion of the state, tho.)


Take a look...








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