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The Great Mammoth Lakes!

Posted by noodleswap Jan 29, 2008


Well, I couldn't get a signal in Vegas because I spent all of my time indoors at the Consumer Electronics Show.  But that wasn't nearly as pretty as my trip afterwards to Mammoth.  Wow.  It was amazing to go from the desert in Nevada, drive up from Long Beach through the Mojave, and red Rock Canyon, past Mt. Whitney, and on up to Mammoth Mountain.  I went to visit my lovely friends from the Breast Cancer Walk and we snowshoed, and walked, and took the gondola up the mountain to see the scenic views.  Gorgeous.  I want to go back tomorrow!  Check out the pics....  Thanks, ladies!






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Next Up...

Posted by noodleswap Jan 6, 2008

A visit to Vegas and Mammoth Lakes, CA.  I will surely be bringing pictures back from Ansel Adams-ville that will wow the masses.  Or at least they will wow me!  Can't upload video from the Mac, though, which is a shame.  But hopefully I'll get a good and fast GPS signal from high atop Mammoth Mountain!  Cheers and Happy New Year!

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