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The I AM LEGEND Premier

Posted by noodleswap Dec 12, 2007

Big night last night!  My lovely friend Andrew took me and a few others to the NY premier of the new I AM LEGEND movie with Will Smith at the Theater at Madison Square Garden.  Huge event.  Good movie.  BIG stars.  Here is my brief review:


Plot:  Long scenes that left me constantly waiting for something to happen, but when something did happen it was usually very exciting.



Cinematography and Visual Effects:  Outstanding.  A very cool and different way to see the city, and mutant humans, I guess, too.  





Sound Design:  Oscar-worthy.  Near-perfect.





Here are my pics.  My flash was off when Will was standing in front of me.  And Tom was so demure I was shocked and forgot to snap a photo.  Oh well!






When I figure out how a Mac user can upload a video to Picasa, I'll add link to the video of Will Smith's pre-show speech!




Ta-ta.  Thanks Andrew!!!!!  xoxoxoxo







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