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Music Games

Posted by oanht on Jul 21, 2010 2:57:18 AM

The Galactic  Melody Catcher

Description : Capture the  pink balls and avoid the red ones on each planet as you rush back to  your spaceship.

Music Blox

Description : Rock out to  your own melody, just a mouse-click away!

Play Music with Mario

Description : Play Music  with Mario: Enjoy music game with Mario. The version of game of Play  Station Guitar Hero with such Mario as the protagonist. It tries to  continue a rhythm of music with keyboard cursors.

Rap Attack

Description : Rain down the  beats on Hip Hop Doggy. Use the left/right arrows to shake out the  tunes--the funkier the groove, the better the score. Give yourself air  with the Space bar to avoid crashing into the massive speakers.

Drop da Beatz

Description : Destroy the  radio antennas and avoid the other ships that fly over the city. Fly  your aircraft and throw musical bombs.


Description : Do you really  wanna be a dj? Here is your chance to be one. Just roll over the  records to scratch and click on the stars to change loops and have fun  with music!

Virtual Band 2000

Description : Jam and have  fun with this virtual band where you get to control all the instruments  to make a very rockin' good session. Enjoy!

Drum Lessons

Description : Learn how to  play the drum by doing what the drum instructor is doing.

Music Room

Description : Here is a  good chance to make your Music Room by playing free room decor games and  decorate as per your taste.

Surf Point Blue

Description : Ride the wave  and collect as much smileys as possible.

Alpha and Omega

Description : Nice flash  music game!

Space Girls Singing

Description : Press the  buttons and watch the girls' performance.

Quest for the Rest

Description : Point and  click adventure game about a band called 'The Polyphonic Spree'. Help  three band members get back to the rest of the group by discovering ways  to solve the obstacles in the game.

Dance Match

Description : Make the  dancers the color they're suppose to be and try to complete as many  dances as possible.

Dancing with Jim Carrey

Description : Jim Carrey  can move, that's for sure. You decide how he moves, to what music and  where he dances. If you like the moves, dance with him. If you don't,  whack him a little.

Rock Band Mosh Pit

Description : Are you ready  to rock? Then dive to the mosh pit and show the that you rock!

Dancing Queen

Description : A Dance Dance  Revolution type game, press the right keys to dance.

Cursing Keyboard

Description : Play some  music with this cursing bear.

Dropping Music

Description : Time the neon  colored bar dropping to hit a perfect music.

Music Smash

Description : This is the  third installment of the series Music MiniGamez. Thank you for all those  who enjoyed the other two. This one is a much harder version of Music  Stomp, for those who thought Music Stomp a bit too easy, see if you can  feel the beat!

Whatcha Got?

Description : This game is a  break dance competition. You connect to your opponent via a satellite  video channel and start dancing. In each new turn the participant must  repeat all previous moves of his opponent and to add new one. The  opponent repeats everything including the new move and the sequence  keeps growing.

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