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Ultimate Frisbee = Ultimate Workout

Posted by orionstarr on May 8, 2008 7:35:53 AM

Besides being an avid runner. For the past year and half I have discovered and indulged myself in the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. At first I was very skeptical because usually when people think of frisbee usually they think of casually passing the frisbee back and forth in the sunshine on a beach somewhere.

Well "Ultimate" Frisbee is quite the opposite of this in fact. You do loads of running up and down a huge field chasing a flying disc and also chasing people who are chasing the flying disc to block it down. I  would describe it almost like soccer but with a frisbee. A lot of stop and go running and a lot of sprinting.

For the most part i've always been a long distance runner not really working on my short runs and sprints as I should be. I have found though that Ultimate Frisbee has been a great fun way of working more on my sprinting and short run bursts.

So over time friends of all athletic types have come and out and joined the team. I have found that no matter your work out style or body type--this is a great alternative cardio sport for sure. You'll find yourself getting into shape and having fun at the same time. For me personally it is a good break during the week from my regular training runs.

So my advice--mix it up! Try different activities and sports besides the one that you are most passionate about. It can't hurt right! Get out and be active.

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