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motivation from ms. j.p.

Posted by pavni Dec 30, 2007


yesterday i met jenni-p, a previous TnT'er (she did the SF marathon this year! woohoo!), and she offered some great motivational advice as well as getting me thee coolest running socks, goo, and other supplies. it was really nice to hear from someone who has gone through the program (although her NY training seems a little bit more hardcore than our IL training!) and to see how it changed her, her running abilities and style, and life in general! i think that i need to stop being so serious (and stressed) about running and start to enjoy it. that is what this is all about, right? becoming a better athlete, a more motivated person, and giving back to those in need...



being a courageous runner just requires you to keep on running... being a courageous cancer survivor is a life battle. 






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pre-saturday workout!

Posted by pavni Dec 28, 2007


today was an "E-Z" (easy) 25 minutes according to my schedule and i am a little bit nervous already for tomorrow's four miler. i don't think i've ever ran 4 miles in my life... maybe during the 6th grade "5 mile in 1 hour" challenge... but not since then!  even the 5K was what... 3.1 miles? haha. i think i can do it and i am also riding on the fact that i am excited about the nike+ipod so that i can calibrate and test out this new gadget.



on a side note i have realized that music makes the run go by way (wayyyyy) faster, and after reading about some celebrity playlists (with suggestions like keane, weezer, and others), i think i will make one of my own. *p.s. keane (although i was skeptical) - in their own power ballad way- are really fun to run to! ok... i'll write back after tomorrow morning's adventure!






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week 3 saturday run!

Posted by pavni Dec 25, 2007


i was home in California for my week 3 saturday run and it was really pretty great. i didn't get a chance to go out during daylight, but in the evening my entire family participated! dad was on a bike and mom and bhaiya walked/mini-jogged alongside me. 50 minutes was a true trial, but i had a really fun time going up and down the 1000 oaks' hills.  



after yesterday's 14 hour plus drive to pennsylvania, i was pretty sore from sitting-driving-being still in the car, and this morning's 45 min crosstraining was a welcome return to training! i forgot to see how long we were supposed to be going for on my green training sheet, but i figured that if i did 45 mins, that'd probably cover it... i did machine-cross-country-skiing with arms flailing and all--and it kicked my butt! 



for x-mas i recieved a nike training pack from samit and i am so excited to try it out! i get to race other people and have it keep track on my miles, speed, and other wonderful things as i continue on this adventure. i have been trying to get the word out about the marathon and let my close friends and family know about my training as well as about the fundraising.



happy holidays and merry christmas to all! 



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i recieved my very first donation yesterday and am so excited to be 7% of the way to my goal! it's great to have familial support with this adventure! (thank you guys).




our second week of training has been a little bit rough, mostly because it overlapped with finals' week and i tend to turn into a homebody. it's amazing how sore you can get from sitting on your rear most of the day in front of a computer!



anyhow, our second week group run was yesterday and we did 40 mins at meadowbrook (two loops!). j. and i jogged together over the snow and i have included a few pics of the path and me smiling after we were done (of course!). it was a bit trying and i am already sore... but it all feels so worthwhile. i can't wait to try out the so cal hills next week, it'll be an interesting change of pace from the flat land of illinois. til next time!








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so dadda agreed! she said that i could run in her name and now i just have to make sure i send out my fundraising letter. i am so excited. i think that because this is more personal now... having her support me... i think that training will be easy. i mean, she went through three rounds of chemo...and what am i doing... moving for 26 miles? that's nothing.


this week's training has been pretty great, i am just a little bit sore and i think that is cause i am getting used to running again.






my running partner! -->











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the first meeting- postrun

Posted by pavni Dec 8, 2007


  hi! it was a great run this morning! j and i talked the whole time, which was really fun, and we did a 30 minute circuit around meadowbrook park. the ice was a little bit funny since we kept running in zigzags avoiding slidey-parts, but all in all it was a great 8am way to start our saturdays. plus, we jogged the whole way! wooohoooo!





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our first group meeting

Posted by pavni Dec 7, 2007

i'm a little bit nervous, and a little bit excited... and a whole other mixture of things. tomorrow is our first group session over at meadowbrook at 8am. i hope that i can keep up!!

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the first workout

Posted by pavni Dec 4, 2007

so the first workout we had was 25minutes of a run-walk in 3 min:1 min intervals. herschel (my pup) did it with me and it was pretty fun! i saw the sunrise and the clouds change, and little sunshine rays peeking through... and by the time i got going, i forgot how cold it was outside. hooray for day 1

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the marathon website

Posted by pavni Dec 2, 2007



Check it out! 



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motivation from samit

Posted by pavni Dec 2, 2007

Our high school "science" teacher, Mr. Charles Fuller, had this posted on his wall.  Back in my (last place) cross country days, I had it memorized.


Why Do I Run?



Why do I run

It ain't no mystery

I wanna have a good medical history



Dr. told me runnin' is great

Helps them blood cells circulate



Great for the lungs

Great for the ticker

Nothin' can getcha in better shape quicker



Feels so healthy

Feels so sweet

Pumpin' my arms

And flappin' my feet



Keeps me youthful

Keeps me loose

Tightens my tummy

And shrinks my caboose



Beats being sluggish

Beats being lazy

Why do I run

Maybe I'm crazy.





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Kick off... and the snow storm.

Posted by pavni Dec 1, 2007


J and I attempted to get to Bloomington-Normal for the T.N.T. Kick-Off today, however we were thwarted by the weather. So instead, we did a little dance in the car as very own personal kick-off (we were only 2 minutes away from the exit and ended up taking it as a turn-around anyhow!).



As J said very articulately, "If we could survive this adventure in this crazy weather, then we can definitely handle a marathon..." I think we definitely tested our boundaries today and I couldn't have asked for a better start! 



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