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saturday- 5 miles!

Posted by pavni on Jan 6, 2008 10:03:37 AM


i have never ran 5 miles before and it was actually really satisfying. i mapped my run with which lets you decide how far you'd like to go, if you'd like to do a loop (so you can end up back at home) and if you're running with wreckless abandon all over the place or if you'd actually like to stick to the roads. (although when i was thinking about all of this i wondered with great curiosity where you would be able to run where you couldn't really follow roads... out in the country? do people just run around like banshees? do you do this in cities? cut in and out of museums? i am not sure...)



anyhow, it was quite a wonderful feeling to complete the distance and samit + 2 pups joined me on my last 2.5 miles. well, it's resting and stretching in store for me today! happy sunday to all. 



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