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second wind- a great starting point

Posted by pavni on Jan 11, 2008 10:56:20 AM


i was trying to think about where this idea for running a marathon came from and i came up with a few ideas. my initial idea to look up the leukemia and lymphoma society's team in training happened a few years ago but it was quickly dismissed since i didn't really think i was "the running type."



truly, i no longer really know what that means... "the running type"... i used to see people running on the street with their crazy black tights and highlighter yellow jackets and wondered what motivated them to be jogging along all over campus. now, i think i am starting to understand.



i decided to start running in 2007 as a new year's resolution that was delayed by a few months. after samit's suggestion that i truly ought to stop running every single day and alternate instead as well as get myself a pair of "real" running shoes- i was hunkering around in my 10 lb. reebok crosstrainers... we went to body and sole in champaign. the salesman there accessed my gait, and hooked me up with my currently favorite shoes in the world (even though ever person that runs/jogs/walks seems to have the exact same pair) and gave me a second wind brochure. i am not sure if he's aware that he changed my life with that pamphlet.



after running with the second wind beginning women's running group, i learned the basics of running- what to wear, posture control, how you're supposed to pace yourself, and how group running can be incredibly fun. running became sort of a stress-release for me when my best friend passed away two weeks before our 5k race in september. when everything else seemed like it could collapse, i felt like as long as i had my asics on and took off... everything would be ok.



finishing the 5k was really wonderful and i didn't actively pursue running afterwards. once i heard about j-p's training with TNT for the SF Marathon, i thought i was ready. even up to the first meeting, i was worried... was i really going to be okay with this? would my body be physically capable of going 26 miles? am i mentally strong enough for 4-6 hours of constant movement? i wasn't sure... but i really wanted to find out. so. here i am. in the middle of week 5 - running 5 miles for the first time in my life (i used to gasp at the 3.1 that was the 5K) and actually enjoying it. it's been a great journey so far and i can't wait to see where these baby blue shoes take me next.  



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