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yesterday was my 30 min run which i didn't get a chance to do until right before dinner and it was roughly ten degrees and pretty dark outside. samit (and the pups!) came with me (although i managed to lose them within the first few minutes due to some input-output-duty going on in the park) and their moral support was pretty wonderful!



anyhow, i realized that without the motivation of my green training sheet telling me that i needed to be outside for 30 minutes... (and the familial & friend support)... none of this would be possible. 



regardless, i was all bundled up in two pairs of pants, 4 different versions of tops, a hat, scarf, mittens, and socks. i probably looked like a big marshmallow bounding around! it was really fun! today is our hill workout... woohoo! 8%- bring it on. 



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