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the farthest i've ever run...ever. (6 miles!)

Posted by pavni on Jan 20, 2008 4:45:05 PM


this week our practice was cancelled on account of weather (it was supposed to be between -10 and -20 (with wind chill) outside at 8am) and our very considerate (and health conscious) coach, cancelled outside running so we didn't get frostbitten. initially, i was a bit sad since running with the group has become a pretty steady part of my week, however i was appreciative of getting to run in the warmth. i went to our clubhouse to run - and after 74:48- i was done with 6 miles! whoohooo. i realize i am no speed demon, but i was so excited to finish the run that it didn't even matter.



i think during the last 0.5 miles... when i was wondering how long i

had been going... i started to chant "you can do it" over and over (and

over again) in my head to keep myself motivated. and i did finish! hooray for the power of positive thinking.



i was definitely tired afterwards and ready to sit for a bit, and i think that it was a great way to spend my saturday morning. go team!



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