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today's hill workout was not too different from the last two, however it did hold me a little bit longer at the dreaded and wonderful 8% incline mark! needless to say, it was a fun run.



i have also come to appreciate the power of Body Glide ( Jenni-P got it a mini stick of it for me for xmas, and i can admit... i was a little bit hesistant. i had heard of it's magical powers, and had heard that you're supposed to "rub it on everywhere" because it makes everything slick and feel better. so, for our 6 miler on saturday, i decided to open the little package and out popped what looked like one of those deodorant sticks that you buy when you're going on vacation. the little lady speed stick ones from walgreens. however, once i opened it, and got past the rough square edges, it did start to glide. i put some on my heels (where i've been getting a few rubs), along my legs, and pretty much everywhere. sure enough, post-run... no chafing! no red marks... and absolutely no problem with anything that i was wearing. it's like a little protective bubble of bodyglide that makes you essentially feel like you're not wearing anything at all, even if you're wearing two sets of everything and it's freezing (and/or snowing!) outside.  hooray for technology, and who knew this little stick could do so much. 



in terms of fundraising, i think i am around 44%, thanks to the generous donations of friends and family... so if anyone wants to help me out and send me into the 50%-range... i'd appreciate a boost over the hump! :o)



my fundraising page is at:, and all of the proceeds go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.



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