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happy and sore

Posted by pavni Apr 28, 2008

this weekend was a truly wonderful experience and i am pretty sore still. many have said that you should wait roughly 3-4 weeks before starting to run long distances again after doing a marathon, but i think that it will be at least a few days before i can walk-run normally anyhow! haha. i am sore from my head to my toes but am proud of our accomplishment!

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i will be sure to write a full update on my completion of the marathon tomorrow, however... here's an article that pretty much sums up my state post the 13 mile marker: also, an article about prevention and sodium recovery is at:


not to worry, j. and i definitely finished the 26.2! next time though, i'll be better prepared! 



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today... is T minus 4 days!

Posted by pavni Apr 22, 2008


passed on in an incredibly inspirational email from m.b.:

"Your biggest challenge isn't someone else. It's the ache in your legs and the burning in your lungs, and the voice inside you that yells 'CAN'T", but you don't listen. You just push harder. And you discover that the person you thought you were is no match for the one you really are."






today i went to my favorite place for running gear (body and sole) and asked them to print my name on my race singlet. they did it beautifully write across the center of my purple shirt and when the man brought it to the register the other checker said "what does that say... "pain?" to which the other man replied: "pavni... not pain. but i am sure she'll be feeling some when she finishes!" haha. an interesting take on my name, i suppose. anyhow, i am pretty excited and hope to soak in all of this week so that i can make sure it's truly memorable. you never get your first marathon back... and i can't wait... i just want to finish! 



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if you want to watch...

Posted by pavni Apr 21, 2008


LiveResults offers exclusive coverage of every runner's progress with times
recorded at the 5K, 10K, and 10-mile marks for all runners and marathoners will
also be recorded at the 13.1 and 20 mile marks. Updates are sent to the
LiveResults site every 60 seconds.


At the finish line, visit the NationLink booth located near Family Reunion

where laptop computers will be available for your use. For your friends and

family at home, have them visit

on race day and click on the LiveResults button - they'll never be out of



Results from

Check out The Tennessean on Sunday, April 27 to get the scoop on all of the
race day happenings, stories, photos and top results. This section is the only
place to get all the race highlights so be sure to get your hands on a

The Country Music Marathon & 1/2 Marathon will be televised regionally
on Comcast Sports Southeast and nationally on FSN.

  • Comcast Sports Southeast program will air on Monday, May 12 @ 9:00pm CST

  • Check your local listings for the FSN Airdate.


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pretty sweet!






side note: i keep emailing my family and kelly (our amazing coordinator) with my crazy questions... sigh. i am getting nervous and excited and ahhhh. a little bit freaked out.



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5 days!

Posted by pavni Apr 21, 2008


i thought my shirt was too tight this morning, until i looked down and realized that the knot in my stomach was internal and not external. i am just nervous! woo. and excited.



here's an inspirational quote passed on by coach d:



“The marathon is a charismatic event. It has everything. It has drama. It has competition. It has camaraderie. It has heroism. Every jogger can’t dream of being an Olympic champion, but he can dream of finishing a marathon.”    --Fred Lebow



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6 days til the marathon!

Posted by pavni Apr 20, 2008


yesterday we did our final saturday workout and i can't believe that we're so close to the actual marathon! i am so excited. 3 more runs and one more day of x-training and then off we go! my flight is on friday morning, so i am really really excited.



tapering has been a bit depressing but everyone has been so supportive and i hope that i am strong enough to cross that finish line. i keep visualizing it, like they've told us to... so hopefully it'll work out!



we also had our race-clinic last week, so i have a few photos from that (below) and i recieved my race singlet! woo! so cute. also, mom got me these awesome running shorts... which i broke in yesterday for the first time. it was weird to be running in shorts outside since we haven't had weather like this in a long time and i realized i just had to suck it up and realize that i'd be running in shorts- not pants- and i should get used to it asap. i just checked the weather for nashville and they're expecting it to be a high of 69 and cloudy. that's perfectly fine by me! i think that by now, j. and i could run in the rain, snow, sleet, hail, wind... it wouldn't matter!



also (below) is a pic of our nashville team plus coach D after our last run together (besides wednesday's practice, that is).



okie dokie... let the countdown continue! 






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we did it!

Posted by pavni Apr 14, 2008

A huge Thank YOU! to everyone who helped me fundraise towards my goal of $3,400! We did it!!! The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Team in Training and I thank you dearly.








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12 Tips to a Terrific Taper


Your actions during the final two weeks before the race are crucial to your

performance. From that point on, it’s all about the taper.


Tapering is a period of “active rest” when your body recovers from all those

weeks of hard training. It’s a delicate balance between running and resting

that brings you to the starting line fresh and ready to go.


The process is tricky. If you run too much, you’ll be overly tired on the

starting line. If you rest too much, you won’t feel sharp on race day, and may

not run as effectively as possible.


In other words, there are lots of ways to screw things up. So here’s a list

of suggestions that have worked for me, to help you maximize your chance of

race day success.


No more long runs: Your final long run should be no less than 14 days

before the marathon. If you’ve missed some of your scheduled long runs, it’s

too late to make up for it now. Anything above 15 miles now will most likely

hurt your performance on race day.


Cut back the mileage: Decrease your total weekly mileage by about 40

percent starting two weeks out. During race week, reduce your overall mileage

by at least 60 percent. For example, a runner whose weekly training mileage

peaked at 60 miles should run 36 miles the week before race week, and no more

than 25 in race week. During the last four days before the marathon, don’t do

any runs of more than three miles. If you’d rather take the last two days

completely off, that’s OK too. Don’t worry about mileage during race

week—you’ll get your fill on Sunday morning.


Maintain the intensity: Even though you are cutting back on your mileage, it’s

important to maintain the intensity of these workouts. Run at close to marathon

pace, so your body is accustomed to the effort level you will demand during the



Avoid the hills: Don’t run any hills during race week—it helps your legs

recover more quickly. It’s just like with the mileage: you’ll get plenty of

hills on race day.


Choose your weapons: Decide what clothes you will wear on race day. Pick

comfortable shoes, socks, and running clothes that you’ve already worn on a

long training run. DON’T wear anything new on marathon day, unless you want to

have a graphic chafing story to tell your family about afterwards.


Gain a few—but not a lot: Since you are running less, pay close attention

to your diet. It’s normal to gain a few pounds as your muscles stockpile the

glycogen they will need during the race. But gaining more than five pounds will

make you feel heavy and sluggish. Eat a bit less than usual, with well-balanced

meals, and don’t start any fad diets.


Remember, carbo loading doesn’t mean overloading. The night before the race, just eat a regular sized

meal with a higher percentage of carbohydrates than usual. On race morning, eat

a small portion of a bagel, banana, or oatmeal to top off your tank—but don’t

load your stomach to the brim. Twenty-six miles is a long way to run with a

stomach cramp.


Wake up early: If you’re not accustomed to running in the morning, try a

couple of morning runs, so your body gets a taste of exercising at that time of

day. Marathon start times are frequently at 7

a.m.—and if you’ve never run at that hour, it can be a bit of a shock. You

might as well get it over with prior to race morning.


Eliminate extra activities: If you do any cross training activities, don’t do

them during race week. Don’t do any unusual activities that might cause muscle

soreness afterwards. This isn’t the time to catch up on housework or repair

projects. If you have extra time on your hands, just get more rest or take a

nap instead.


(I know this rule isn’t popular with spouses, but I’ll take the heat on this one. Tell your spouse I

said so, and he or she can write me an angry e-mail instead of venting at you.

After the race, however, you’re on your own.)


Cut your toe nails: Do it five or six days before the race. Trust me on

this one.


Be paranoid: It’s fairly common for runners to get minor illnesses while

tapering, so stay away from sick people. Wash your hands after touching

anybody. Just make like Howard Hughes for a couple of weeks, and you’ll be

assured of staying healthy.


Visualize success: The mental side of marathon running is extremely important.

Beginning today, picture yourself running relaxed and strong, and having a

great race. Repeat this scenario each day. Be confident in your ability to



Enjoy yourself: Yes, you should take the precautions above, but don’t get so

overwhelmed with worry that you forget to enjoy the experience. Think of how

far you’ve come in your training, and resolve to have a great time on race day.


And then all that’s left is to go out and do it!

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what a day!

Posted by pavni Apr 9, 2008


today was a pretty crazy (but wonderful) day and i am so excited about how everything went. thank you to everyone involved!



first off, today was the day of our official "save a life with a slice" fundraiser at village inn pizza ( village inn is one of my favorite places to get pizza from in town and they have an incredible owner who was so easy to work with when planning a fundraiser. they are really generous with their time and make you feel like family... which is why i think everyone who attended the fundraiser today had a great time!



secondly, our wednesday training run was outside for the first time (yay!) and at the urbana high track which (i believe) is made out of recycled tires and is incredibly squishy. our team did a great tempo workout and afterwards almost everyone was able to attend the pizza night! it was great to eat with them, and i hope that on friday (at our team dinner) i get to talk to them more and know them better! we talk while we're running, but i think that it'll be more fun when we're all dressed up!



today's been a streaming conversation about running starting from the first thing this morning, to our seminar speaker being an 11-time marathoner, and extending into dinner. everytime i get to talking about how j and i started running together i realize how blessed i am to have found her as a running partner and friend, as well as the team in training program... and my very first wonderful visit to body and sole. this has been an amazing journey and what a great day to sum it up. now, we have tapering til the start of the race and i hope to get stronger and more prepared as the days keep rolling by.



thanks to everyone who made today wonderful and that made our fundraiser a success. it was a truly great day. 



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my favorite quote from the 20 miler: "water is power!!" -r.h.



and a nerdy pic from:  as i am studying about water reabsorption in your nephrons!  












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pre-tapering jitters

Posted by pavni Apr 6, 2008


so i have started to get nervous about tapering and wondering if i am strong enough to finish this race. i realize that if i have done 20 miles, i can keep going another 6.2... however, is everything going to be different when i am in a different state with a whole bunch of people and crazy excitement all around?



i hope that it is a truly wonderful experience and my long-distance mentor (j-pow) completely resolved my fears with her email last night. she talked about doing "nothing new on race day" as well as believing in the tapering since you need all the rest you can get before the actual race. i feel much better! i just have to trust in myself as well as the training program and make sure that i am ready to run on the 26th! (thanks jenni).



next weekend, we have our pre-race clinic and we'll be getting our singlets! hooray! that way i can practice running in that outfit so that i can make sure i am completely comfortable (sans chafing!). oh man, i am so excited/scared/nervous/anxious.  



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today we did our longest run to date (and i believe our longest run ever)... 20 miles! WOOHOO. It was great. Having J'me there to talk to was a blessing and the weather was perfect... 58-60F and sunny! sigh. we couldn't have asked for better conditions. also, our amazing mentors came and supported us through the mileage (even driving alongside us for a mile-mile and a half)! (thanks j&r!)



i did feel like i ate a whole bunch during the run - from bananas to many cups of gatorade, i was definitely well fueled. well, i guess if we've come this far... what's another 6.2 miles, right?  



i am so proud... i would have never guessed that i was capable of this. thank you team in training and all of you who have been such a wonderful support through this!   today's the 5th so that makes 21 days 'til we'll be saying "yeehaw!" in nashville!






j, j, r and me! post run... smelly, salty, tired and very happy!





j,  and me flashing our "2-0"  miles done!   



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Thanks to my wonderful (and incredibly supportive) boyfriend's donation today... I have hit my 90% goal and have $311 dollars left to go to raise! Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the cause so far... without you I wouldn't be where I am today.



I am getting more and more excited about Saturday's 20 miler as the week continues and hope that I can finish strong (and ready for the last 6 miles!).



Thanks again to everyone and I hope you're all enjoying a great start to April!! 25 days til the marathon! 



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