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18 miles with supposed rain...

Posted by pavni Sep 21, 2008


so, my favorite weatherman (trumbie) was wrong again and this time, i was quite thankful. our 30-40% chance of rain didn't materialize this morning and j. and i successfully ran our 18 miler. hoo-rah! we were exhausted, sore and slightly disoriented afterwards (i went to buy groceries and it took me a good 10 mins to get out of the car... not to mention how long it took me to bend down to pick up spinach), but overall it was wonderful to finish.



we had the full symptoms of eighteen mile exhaustion ranging from heavy water sloshing bellies full of liquid to the end of our sweating since it just turned into salt immediately with the light breeze. i was quite excited when we were done, but it's always fun to spend a sunday morning running w/my sole-mate. 



anyhow, i think it started to rain right at 2pm when we finished... for about 15 minutes. and that was it. yay for fall thunderstorms in the midwest. next week, we're up to 20!



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sixteen with ike

Posted by pavni Sep 14, 2008


due to the rain/storm that we are currently experiencing, j. and i decided to change our outside running plan to an indoor one. although she had masterfully mapped us a beautiful sixteen mile loop, a true "country adventure", we decided that we'd spare our shoes from squeaking forever and pounded out 16 on the treadmill(s). it was a long haul and i think that we were both happy when we were done. recent purchases for running include:



1. the stick: essentially pipe with little rounded beads on it- you massage your muscles with it to help with recovery



2. raspberry creme and raspberry original gels- delicious.



i haven't yet decided if i need to update my running wardrobe, although s. suggested checking on steep&cheap for wonderful deals on beautiful sugoi running stuff. anyhow, i am happy and tired and i believe my knees are done for the day. what a wonderful way to spend a rainy sunday morning- running, watching the entire disc 1 of "sex in the city" and then coming home to cinnamon rolls. wonderful. 



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"Most runners run not because they want to live longer, but because

they want to live life to the fullest. if you're going to while away

the years, it's far better to live them with clear goals and fully

alive than in a fog, and I believe running helps you do that. Exerting

yourself to the fullest within your individual limits: that's the

essence of running, and a metaphor for life -- and for me, for writing

as well. I believe many runners would agree."

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Posted by pavni Sep 6, 2008


j and i ran our 14 miler last sunday and pretty much ran to campus and back home in a nice long rectangle. i really enjoy running around the neighborhood since i feel like it's a lot more entertaining than running in the woods. however, running at LOTW definitely has its perks. you're alone (pretty much), you're serene and centered- and your one and only focus (besides counting squirrels and birds) is running. it's a beautiful thing when the loudest noise around you is either your shoe hitting the pavement or the ear-pressure inducing exhale from your breath.



this week is cut back week- woo! so i am just running for time... i guess about an hour or so tomorrow. yay for being a little bit more than a month away from the marathon!! yippee! 



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