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the columbus marathon experience

Posted by pavni Oct 20, 2008


j. and i set off on an across the midwest trek in order to get to the columbus marathon in OH. it was an amazing experience and went very smoothly. we started off on saturday morning in a car jam-packed with gatorade (in all sorts of flavors and colors) and snacks ranging from saltine, cheddar bunnies and pretzels (yum!). we got to our hotel (the most beautiful suite ever) across from the expo, picked up our packets and were able to grab dinner and get back to the room with time to study for our monday morning exams. the next morning we got up (after getting up a million times in the middle of the night) to eat b'fast (and b'fast part two at the continental b'fast)... and then off we went

to the start site to run! it was a great time... with challenges starting around mile 20 and then pretty much the hardest last 6.2 miles ever, it was a wonderful and truly satisfying run.  



some of my favorite quotes from the run:



"and we nicknamed him "loyalty" "- interesting man talking about his 22lb. cat at 7 am during mile 2



"you OBVIOUSLY don't spend as much time on the couch as i do." -funny lady at mile 23 to a runner ahead of me



"23 miles and your hair still looks nice!" - same lady talking to me as i passed by



"26.2 reasons to run a marathon" (on a sign) "#3- to get away from my spouse/roommate/mother-in law" "#4: because i CAN"



"we did it!"- j. 



"it's common"- the man (who has run every single columbus marathon) watching me hobble up the stairs cracking up.



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<span class="tablebody">Pavni M (track new runner)\

<span class="tablebody">RACE TIME

<span class="tablebody">TIME OF DAY

<span class="tablebody">START

<span class="tablebody">00:00

<span class="tablebody">7:37:10

<span class="tablebody">10K

<span class="tablebody">1:11:03

<span class="tablebody">8:48:12

<span class="tablebody">HALF MARATHON

<span class="tablebody">2:29:36

<span class="tablebody">10:06:45

<span class="tablebody">20 MILE

<span class="tablebody">3:52:25

<span class="tablebody">11:29:34

<span class="tablebody">FINISH

<span class="tablebody">5:15:56

<span class="tablebody">12:53:05

<span class="tablebody">PACE

<span class="tablebody">12:04


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packing and planning

Posted by pavni Oct 17, 2008

getting ready for race weekend! we're supposed to have a high of 64 (low of 45'ish) on race day and i got 2 fleece(s) from old navy (hooray $15 each!) to wear so that if we lose them we won't be heartbroken. i've got my anatomy flashcards and review sheet ready for the drive... loads of snacks and gatorade... and as soon as the load of laundry is done, i am set to pack! woohoo! here we come, OH-hi-oh!

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Posted by pavni Oct 16, 2008

got my race bib # today!

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only a few days away

Posted by pavni Oct 15, 2008

i am really excited for columbus. j and i are going make a roadtripping weekend out of it and study the way up and back for our monday exams (yes, i know it's poor timing). anyhow, i keep staring at the race map on my desk and printing out directions to and from the start (as well as the convention center). YAY. i also found out that we can have our families track us at: by entering in our bib#/names. woohoo. only... 4 days away!

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yes, i am nervous. but it's okay. it's a good nervous. a makes-you-want-to-get-up and outside kind of nervous. it starts off like a think-i-am-going-to-vomit nervousness but that dissolves into a jittery blustery mess that once i put one foot into my running shoe- poof! it's gone. and in that hole fills excitement and a deep desire to just feel breeze on my cheeks. sigh. i am excited and scared. and it's just a week away. marathon number two this year. 2008- my first and (fingers-crossed) second marathon. i am a year older this time, so maybe it will be different. it's in a new place, so that will be fun. and, i am running with one of my best friends, thus- it will be wonderful. i can't wait. i just have to stay hydrated, rested, and stretch... and the rest is up to that day, the weather, and how my body does will be in part due to all of the training runs that have gone into this june/july started process... and partly due to my mental state. this is going to be so much fun! just need to make it to that finish line in one piece and i will have been successful. hooray!

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Posted by pavni Oct 5, 2008

j and i are in the tapering phase of our marathon training and have crossed over the 20 mile peak of last week and are in the double digit decline... it is interesting to have to work through little aches and pains during our runs and i think that my body (overall) is appreciative of the rest. i am working to stay strong so that we can finish strong in exactly two weeks! let the countdown begin!

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waking up this morning to run when it was dark outside was a bit of a challenge. the weather has changed (it's colder), it gets dark and stays dark, and i am sore from all of this running. maybe it was just about hitting the twenty mile mark and now i need to heal awhile before the ohio marathon. i guess it's because i am on my feet at work/school more? i am unsure. anyhow, after getting over the mental hurdle of going outside (i wore pants for the first time), running itself was a beautiful thing.



it's always soul-warming... and i think that just getting that beautiful crisp cold air into my lungs, feeling my fingers warm up, being able to see my breath steam in front of me as the sun came up-- all of that is why i run. sigh. even after the little mental war that i had, i truly decided that running this morning was what i wanted to do and holy moly- once you're out there- you'd be hard-pressed to get me to stop moving my feet. and "let me tell you" (as sarah palin would say), now that i am done with this morning's run, i am satisfied. everything hurts, but i am satisfied. 



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j and i finished our 20 mile run last saturday (woo!) and now we are on to the few weeks of tapering before our oct. 19th race! hooray. i did a 5 mile run on tuesday and was a little bit sore when i finished (guess my muscles were still going "what the heck?!" from sunday) and i have a 10 miler tomorrow. above all- the weather here is perfect for running. absolutely gorgeous!

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