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ice ice baby

Posted by pavni Dec 19, 2008

running outside during ice storms is not advised... so, i didn't do it. although i wanted to, i was quite afraid that i'd slip and fall smack on my face... or worse, a knee/hip/something important! so, i've been doing some indoor running lately which (although it makes me feel like a hamster) is better than nothing. i am excited to start training again with j! happy holidays!

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3rd pair of amazing asics!

Posted by pavni Dec 13, 2008


i love my asics and i just got my third pair today. i have now had 1 pair of 2120's and this is my second pair of 2130's. hooray! they're super cute and much more colorful than the last two pairs which were strictly blue-gray-silver-and white. so exciting. i can't wait to try them out this week!










from the chairman himself (Chairman - Kiyomi Wada):

"ASICS Corporation started as a manufacturer of sports shoes founded in

Kobe in 1949. Our founder, the late Kihachiro Onitsuka aimed to promote

sound growth of the young generation through sports.


origin of the company name "ASICS" came from the famous phrase by a

Roman lampoonist named Juvenails, "Mens Sana In Corpore Sano" ("If you

pray to God, you should pray for a sound mind in a sound body") and

took the initial letters of the phrase, changing the "Mens" to "Anima"

which gives more of an active nuance of the mind."





Sound mind. Sound Body. Long live Asics. 



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hi! i just registered for the illinois half-marathon and i am pretty excited. i love having a running goal... whether it be miles or time, so i think after two full's a half is in order. i can't wait to get started!!!

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