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The Novice Marathoner

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champaign mini-tri!

Posted by pavni Aug 1, 2009

today s., j. and i did our very first mini-triathlon.


but first, a little bit of history.




1- i didn't even know how to spell triathlon correctly before starting training. i typed in triathalon. which i thought was correct and then the little red squiggly line corrected me.




2- i had no idea what distance these events would be or how long this sort of event would take. j and i are used to being outside for around 4 hours or so... apparently, this was supposed to take less than 2!




3- i didn't own a bike or really have any experience swimming. my bathing suits no longer fit me and i really needed goggles if i was going to keep my hard contact lenses in my eyes and not have them swimming off down the length of the pool as well.




so. after acquiring a bike (my beautiful trek from indiana!), taking watercise with j. (no, we did not wear frilly suits and do synchronized swimming... but we did do water weights and rope-climbers and even some "marios!"- requires a motion to explain...), and a visit to (yay swim sale!) i was set! this summer has been a great new adventure in training for something that would previously be completely unheard of for me, and it was a great step outside of the running-only comfort zone.




we all had a great time today (yay!) and it was really rewarding! maybe this is the start of a whole new type of event... or series of events... for us! thanks to j., we tried something totally new! 



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the first meeting- postrun

Posted by pavni Dec 8, 2007


  hi! it was a great run this morning! j and i talked the whole time, which was really fun, and we did a 30 minute circuit around meadowbrook park. the ice was a little bit funny since we kept running in zigzags avoiding slidey-parts, but all in all it was a great 8am way to start our saturdays. plus, we jogged the whole way! wooohoooo!





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our first group meeting

Posted by pavni Dec 7, 2007

i'm a little bit nervous, and a little bit excited... and a whole other mixture of things. tomorrow is our first group session over at meadowbrook at 8am. i hope that i can keep up!!

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The first meeting.

Posted by pavni Nov 17, 2007

Today I met with Team in Training's coordinator for the first time at the Urbana Public Library. I am really nervous... and I can't believe that this is something that I would or could sign up for. I am hoping that I will be able to make this a truly life-changing experience!

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