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training for the champaign-half

Posted by pavni Mar 14, 2009

training has been going well and it has finally started to stay in the positive digits (weather wise!) so that has made training in the morning much more enjoyable! i think we're only a few weeks away now...

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hi! i just registered for the illinois half-marathon and i am pretty excited. i love having a running goal... whether it be miles or time, so i think after two full's a half is in order. i can't wait to get started!!!

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the columbus marathon experience

Posted by pavni Oct 20, 2008


j. and i set off on an across the midwest trek in order to get to the columbus marathon in OH. it was an amazing experience and went very smoothly. we started off on saturday morning in a car jam-packed with gatorade (in all sorts of flavors and colors) and snacks ranging from saltine, cheddar bunnies and pretzels (yum!). we got to our hotel (the most beautiful suite ever) across from the expo, picked up our packets and were able to grab dinner and get back to the room with time to study for our monday morning exams. the next morning we got up (after getting up a million times in the middle of the night) to eat b'fast (and b'fast part two at the continental b'fast)... and then off we went

to the start site to run! it was a great time... with challenges starting around mile 20 and then pretty much the hardest last 6.2 miles ever, it was a wonderful and truly satisfying run.  



some of my favorite quotes from the run:



"and we nicknamed him "loyalty" "- interesting man talking about his 22lb. cat at 7 am during mile 2



"you OBVIOUSLY don't spend as much time on the couch as i do." -funny lady at mile 23 to a runner ahead of me



"23 miles and your hair still looks nice!" - same lady talking to me as i passed by



"26.2 reasons to run a marathon" (on a sign) "#3- to get away from my spouse/roommate/mother-in law" "#4: because i CAN"



"we did it!"- j. 



"it's common"- the man (who has run every single columbus marathon) watching me hobble up the stairs cracking up.



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<span class="tablebody">Pavni M (track new runner)\

<span class="tablebody">RACE TIME

<span class="tablebody">TIME OF DAY

<span class="tablebody">START

<span class="tablebody">00:00

<span class="tablebody">7:37:10

<span class="tablebody">10K

<span class="tablebody">1:11:03

<span class="tablebody">8:48:12

<span class="tablebody">HALF MARATHON

<span class="tablebody">2:29:36

<span class="tablebody">10:06:45

<span class="tablebody">20 MILE

<span class="tablebody">3:52:25

<span class="tablebody">11:29:34

<span class="tablebody">FINISH

<span class="tablebody">5:15:56

<span class="tablebody">12:53:05

<span class="tablebody">PACE

<span class="tablebody">12:04


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only a few days away

Posted by pavni Oct 15, 2008

i am really excited for columbus. j and i are going make a roadtripping weekend out of it and study the way up and back for our monday exams (yes, i know it's poor timing). anyhow, i keep staring at the race map on my desk and printing out directions to and from the start (as well as the convention center). YAY. i also found out that we can have our families track us at: by entering in our bib#/names. woohoo. only... 4 days away!

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sixteen with ike

Posted by pavni Sep 14, 2008


due to the rain/storm that we are currently experiencing, j. and i decided to change our outside running plan to an indoor one. although she had masterfully mapped us a beautiful sixteen mile loop, a true "country adventure", we decided that we'd spare our shoes from squeaking forever and pounded out 16 on the treadmill(s). it was a long haul and i think that we were both happy when we were done. recent purchases for running include:



1. the stick: essentially pipe with little rounded beads on it- you massage your muscles with it to help with recovery



2. raspberry creme and raspberry original gels- delicious.



i haven't yet decided if i need to update my running wardrobe, although s. suggested checking on steep&cheap for wonderful deals on beautiful sugoi running stuff. anyhow, i am happy and tired and i believe my knees are done for the day. what a wonderful way to spend a rainy sunday morning- running, watching the entire disc 1 of "sex in the city" and then coming home to cinnamon rolls. wonderful. 



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training for the next one

Posted by pavni May 30, 2008

nashville country music was an amazing race, and although i did make mistakes, i think that i am going to try again soon.


what i will do differently for and during my second marathon:




1. more core training




2. more ice! (chill baths, letting my body heal after being tired)




3. more iron! apparently you lose a lot of iron while running and i am a vegetarian, so that makes it worse.




4. more massage! deep tissue massage is supposed to be great for injury prevention.




we'll see how this goes!  



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i will be sure to write a full update on my completion of the marathon tomorrow, however... here's an article that pretty much sums up my state post the 13 mile marker: also, an article about prevention and sodium recovery is at:


not to worry, j. and i definitely finished the 26.2! next time though, i'll be better prepared! 



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Celebrities and their marathon times:

Billy Baldwin, actor, 3:24:29, NYC 1992


Shannon Miller, former Olympic gymnast, 4:17:33, NYC 2006


Lance Armstrong, 7-Time Tour De France Winner, 2:59:36, NYC 2006


Tate Donovan, actor,  3:28:43, NYC 2005


John Edwards, 2004 vp candidate, 3:30:18, Marine Corp 1983


Kristin Armstrong, ex-wife of Lance, 3:35:29 Chicago 2005


George W. Bush, 3:44:52, Houston 1993


Peter Weller, actor, 3:51:26, NYC 1988


Kim Alexis, supermodel, 3:52:00, NYC 1992


Bud Badyna, former world record-holder for running marathon backwards, 3:53:17, Toledo 1994


Will Ferrell, Comedian, 3:56:12, Boston 2003


Vanessa Carlton, singer, 3:56:20, NYC 2005


Keri Strug, former Olympic gymnast, 4:14:31, Boston 2004


P. Diddy, rapper/musician, 4:14:54, NYC 2003


Oprah Winfrey, talk show host, 4:29:20, Marine Corps 1994


Bill Rancic, winner of Trump’s first “The Apprentice”, 4:31:31, Chicago, 2001


Al Gore, former vice president, 4:58:25, Marine Corps 1997


Anthony Edwards, actor, 3:55:40, Chicago 2003


Lisa Ling, formerly of “The View”, 4:34:18, Boston 2002


Bill Frist, US Senate Majority Leader, 4:54:36, Marine Corps 1997


Freddie Prinze, Jr.,actor, 5:50:49, Los Angeles 2006


Ali Landry and Mario Lopez, model and actor, 5:41:41, Boston 2002


David Lee Roth, musician, 6:04:43, NYC 1987

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from ""

Posted by pavni Feb 5, 2008

while checking out: ... i came across the following article! 


Marathon Miracle Also Works for Glamorous Shoes



I ran a half marathon (13.1 miles) around the perimeter of Key West

last weekend. Katie Holmes-style, I gave myself four weeks to train (I

needed a New Year's resolution and an excuse to spend a few days

somewhere warm in the middle of winter).



The first two weeks were no problem: not terribly intense compared

to my regular runs. But as I started to increase my mileage, I started

getting blisters.



Looking for a solution before the big race, I pored over back issues of Runner's World. In just about every one, a writer recommends Body Glide—which I'm sure is great, but I just can't get past the name.



The more straightforward-sounding Blister Block (made by Band-Aid),

however, caught my eye: It's a chubby stick that feels like silky wax

and smells sort of like baby shampoo. I slathered it all over my feet,

concentrating on my big toes and heels, before I put on my socks—and I

didn't get a single blister.



And Blister Block is not just for running: I now can't wear my

semi-uncomfortable-but-amazing-looking Kors boots without it. —Dawn

Spinner, associate beauty editor




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we had our traditional saturday morning workout this morning at meadowbrook and afterwards had our first team meeting at panera. the run went pretty well and j and i had a lot to talk about (which always makes time fly) since i had not seen her since the start of december.



a few things came up during our team meeting that i thought were interesting/funny/neat:



- i realized that i was scared to check in my running shoes for fear that the airline would lose them over break... they've become a really important part of my daily activities and if they were floating around on some luggage carrier or belt, i'd be pretty worried.



- apparently the "black toenail" is a common runner foot condition... your big toe (for others it's their pinky) gets slammed into the front of their shoe so many times that they end up with a black toenail... i will be paying attention to my feet and making they get tons of love during the process to avoid this condition (ha!)



-  our 10 mile run is supposed to be monumental. i cannot wait... i have never ran so far in my life. (well, i guess i said the same thing about the 4 miles last week and the 5 miles last saturday).



- our recommitment is coming up soon and i have to make sure that i have enough donations in order to hit $1,000 (i think that i can do it since i have incredibly generous friends and family who have essentially brought me there almost already) and then we will be exchanging ideas to raise the other $2,400... i think that a superbowl party would be tons of fun and maybe i can ask for donations? we also talked about asking local businesses and planning a vegan dinner on campus and charging per plate.



- running form, injuries, and running shoes were also discussed since we are going to start our indoor workouts next week and those are supposed to be grueling... crazy hardcore sprinting and mile-repeats... i am looking forward to it (i guess i can say that now since i have yet to experience it).



- i have to start eating before i run... i have never really felt hungry that early, and i usually would probably feel a little sick while running, but i guess i am supposed to go on a quest to find a suitable b'fast food that i can eat around 6:30am so that it's in me and providing some fuel when we start running at 8... bleh. i dislike eating before, but i guess i have to get over it. soon it'll be time for goo's and gels (and sport beans) to eat while i run... haha. jp outfitted me with some samples already!



it was a great morning. i learned a lot and feel accomplished and ready for this upcoming week... next saturday, 6 miles! Whoo-hoo!)



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i was trying to think about where this idea for running a marathon came from and i came up with a few ideas. my initial idea to look up the leukemia and lymphoma society's team in training happened a few years ago but it was quickly dismissed since i didn't really think i was "the running type."



truly, i no longer really know what that means... "the running type"... i used to see people running on the street with their crazy black tights and highlighter yellow jackets and wondered what motivated them to be jogging along all over campus. now, i think i am starting to understand.



i decided to start running in 2007 as a new year's resolution that was delayed by a few months. after samit's suggestion that i truly ought to stop running every single day and alternate instead as well as get myself a pair of "real" running shoes- i was hunkering around in my 10 lb. reebok crosstrainers... we went to body and sole in champaign. the salesman there accessed my gait, and hooked me up with my currently favorite shoes in the world (even though ever person that runs/jogs/walks seems to have the exact same pair) and gave me a second wind brochure. i am not sure if he's aware that he changed my life with that pamphlet.



after running with the second wind beginning women's running group, i learned the basics of running- what to wear, posture control, how you're supposed to pace yourself, and how group running can be incredibly fun. running became sort of a stress-release for me when my best friend passed away two weeks before our 5k race in september. when everything else seemed like it could collapse, i felt like as long as i had my asics on and took off... everything would be ok.



finishing the 5k was really wonderful and i didn't actively pursue running afterwards. once i heard about j-p's training with TNT for the SF Marathon, i thought i was ready. even up to the first meeting, i was worried... was i really going to be okay with this? would my body be physically capable of going 26 miles? am i mentally strong enough for 4-6 hours of constant movement? i wasn't sure... but i really wanted to find out. so. here i am. in the middle of week 5 - running 5 miles for the first time in my life (i used to gasp at the 3.1 that was the 5K) and actually enjoying it. it's been a great journey so far and i can't wait to see where these baby blue shoes take me next.  



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saturday- 5 miles!

Posted by pavni Jan 6, 2008


i have never ran 5 miles before and it was actually really satisfying. i mapped my run with which lets you decide how far you'd like to go, if you'd like to do a loop (so you can end up back at home) and if you're running with wreckless abandon all over the place or if you'd actually like to stick to the roads. (although when i was thinking about all of this i wondered with great curiosity where you would be able to run where you couldn't really follow roads... out in the country? do people just run around like banshees? do you do this in cities? cut in and out of museums? i am not sure...)



anyhow, it was quite a wonderful feeling to complete the distance and samit + 2 pups joined me on my last 2.5 miles. well, it's resting and stretching in store for me today! happy sunday to all. 



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happy new year!



new year's eve: yesterday we went to elk mountain in PA and skiied for 3-4 hrs! i was supposed to do 30 minutes of cross-training but everyone agreed that skiing most definitely counted. when we got back, i was pretty sore through my legs- my shins, instep(s), and rear end.



jan.1, 2008: this morning, i did my 5K (3.1 mile) run on the treadmill since it is snowing pretty hard outside (and i was scared i would hurt myself running in the snow).  it was hard, tired me out, and was very satisfying. hooray! 



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pre-saturday workout!

Posted by pavni Dec 28, 2007


today was an "E-Z" (easy) 25 minutes according to my schedule and i am a little bit nervous already for tomorrow's four miler. i don't think i've ever ran 4 miles in my life... maybe during the 6th grade "5 mile in 1 hour" challenge... but not since then!  even the 5K was what... 3.1 miles? haha. i think i can do it and i am also riding on the fact that i am excited about the nike+ipod so that i can calibrate and test out this new gadget.



on a side note i have realized that music makes the run go by way (wayyyyy) faster, and after reading about some celebrity playlists (with suggestions like keane, weezer, and others), i think i will make one of my own. *p.s. keane (although i was skeptical) - in their own power ballad way- are really fun to run to! ok... i'll write back after tomorrow morning's adventure!






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