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The Novice Marathoner

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Posted by pavni Oct 16, 2008

got my race bib # today!

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my race day packet for the marathon came today... my race number is 17044 and i am in corral number 17, which basically means that i'll start in the 17th group of runners at 7am on april 26th! hooray. also, i learned that those who would like to watch my progress from home can do so at the following website: click on the "LiveResults" Bug on the homepage during the race!



all of this is incredibly exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. i just want to finish!!



reminiscing a little bit... this has been an amazing and rewarding experience. my next fundraiser is wednesday, april 9th at village inn pizza from 11am-10pm and LLS gets 15% of all the profits from the day! i am going to try and publicize like crazy. go team! 



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