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The Novice Marathoner

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the first workout

Posted by pavni Dec 4, 2007

so the first workout we had was 25minutes of a run-walk in 3 min:1 min intervals. herschel (my pup) did it with me and it was pretty fun! i saw the sunrise and the clouds change, and little sunshine rays peeking through... and by the time i got going, i forgot how cold it was outside. hooray for day 1

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the marathon website

Posted by pavni Dec 2, 2007



Check it out! 



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motivation from samit

Posted by pavni Dec 2, 2007

Our high school "science" teacher, Mr. Charles Fuller, had this posted on his wall.  Back in my (last place) cross country days, I had it memorized.


Why Do I Run?



Why do I run

It ain't no mystery

I wanna have a good medical history



Dr. told me runnin' is great

Helps them blood cells circulate



Great for the lungs

Great for the ticker

Nothin' can getcha in better shape quicker



Feels so healthy

Feels so sweet

Pumpin' my arms

And flappin' my feet



Keeps me youthful

Keeps me loose

Tightens my tummy

And shrinks my caboose



Beats being sluggish

Beats being lazy

Why do I run

Maybe I'm crazy.





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Kick off... and the snow storm.

Posted by pavni Dec 1, 2007


J and I attempted to get to Bloomington-Normal for the T.N.T. Kick-Off today, however we were thwarted by the weather. So instead, we did a little dance in the car as very own personal kick-off (we were only 2 minutes away from the exit and ended up taking it as a turn-around anyhow!).



As J said very articulately, "If we could survive this adventure in this crazy weather, then we can definitely handle a marathon..." I think we definitely tested our boundaries today and I couldn't have asked for a better start! 



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The first meeting.

Posted by pavni Nov 17, 2007

Today I met with Team in Training's coordinator for the first time at the Urbana Public Library. I am really nervous... and I can't believe that this is something that I would or could sign up for. I am hoping that I will be able to make this a truly life-changing experience!

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