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NYC Marathon - Men's Winner

Posted by pb-sonygps on Nov 6, 2007 8:46:00 PM

I finally got to give the GPS and camera a test drive on Sunday.  Although I had trouble getting a gps lock near my apartment by all the tall buildings, I was able to get a fix at a few locations in Central Park.  I really like the "burst" mode on the W-80.  It's great for action shots when you don't have time to frame each shot.






This is a sequence about 350 yards from the end of the NYC Marathon.  The men's winner, Martin Lel, is flying by.  A few of the photos literally look like he's flying - both feet are off the ground.  These were all taken in a single pan with burst mode. 

























I took quite a few other random pictures, and this map view shows how the GPS software creates the map for you.  Each push-pin represents a photo.  Clicking on any push pin or thumbnail brings up that photo.  You can nudge the pins if they aren't in exactly the right location. 










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