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December 2007

huge backlog of photos

Posted by pb-sonygps Dec 19, 2007

Believe it or not, I've been taking way more photos with the ambassador equipment than I ever have before.  At least my hard disk hasn't filled up yet, but I have about 8Gig of photos and videos now! The challenge of that of course is in organizing and documenting the experience.  I've been alternating back and forth between Sony Picture Motion Browser and Picasa.  Both have their strong points. I need to learn the products better to know if the weak points are in the products, or with my understanding of how to use the products.  I haven't encountered any major issues with either - but there are still many features I have yet to attempt with both.  So far, I prefer Picasa for ease of sorting, organizing and basic cleanup like cropping,  but Picture Motion Browser for ease of interfacing to cameras and working with video clips.    I purchased another 2G duo so now I can easily flip back and forth between the w80 and the network sharing video camera.  I really enjoy the w80 over my old Cybershot.  It's much more compact, more features and higher res.  The video camera is good for what it's intended purpose is (low end video clips), but the form factor and buttons don't make it very easy to turn on and off.  So I give it good marks for technology, but poor marks for human factors.


I found some hidden photos yesterday.  I accidentally left my duo card in my laptop when using the w80.  I noticed because I quickly ran out of space for photos.  I grabbed the duo and continued.  Later when transferring the pictures I noticed I was missing some.  I couldn't find them through any means from my laptop.  Then I took the duo card out of the camera and lo and behold, now I could view and transfer the photos.  It appears that the internal memory is only visible to the computer if there' s no duo card.  At least not, that I could figure out.




I've been in several different locations the past couple of months where I've been using the CS1KA with great success.  In addition to tagging the photos, I also found an entry on one of my fellow ambassador blogs on how to convert the GPS log to other formats.  I've been able to translate my CS1KA log to Google Earth where I can see my point by point trail - not just at the locations where photos were taken. Very slick! 







Expect more photos and details on the experience soon.  







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I took the company shuttle from Tribeca (NYC) out to Warren, NJ recently. I snapped a few shots out the window along the way, as well as on the campus when I arrived.  The GPS unit worked quite well, especially compared with trying to use it in NYC.  I didn't adjust any of the lat/long data and all the coordinates look pretty accurate.


It was nice to see the fall color.  It was a very late season - trees are usually almost bare in mid-November when these where taken.


We were having a group lunch that day to celebrate the 1 year launch anniversay of a big project.  Little did we know that the Indian restaurant we went to was actaully catering a free company party for Diwali that day.







The Diwali celebration was in the parking garage so lightly wasn't very good.  I took a couple of sample photos to compare the ISO feature of the W80 vs. using a flash. 
















Enjoy - here's a link to the photos and gps map and a couple sample images.








The map:
























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