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My C25k Journey

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September 9th, 2010

Posted by petesgirl66 Sep 9, 2010

So my last post was in July, well, how time flies! I need to give myself a pat on the back! I faithfully followed the c25k, made it to week 8! I got the flu last week so I took a week off. I am not going to beat myself up about it, what could I do, I was sick! Now that I am feeling better I will start up again. I will do an easy walk today, not to over do it. I did start tracking my calories on livestrong. I have been very good at tracking everything, might have slacked a bit while I was sick, but did my best. I have lost a total of 16 lbs. Not many people noticing, but what do I expect? When you are as overweight as I am, it will take quite a bit for people to notice. I am wearing the same size (18 pants, 2x tops or 22 for tops) but everything is feeling looser. OK, here is the number-227lbs, I started at 243. It has been coming off very slow, and many up and downs, 227 is the lowest I have gone, but 16 days ago I was 227.5 and went back up again. Maybe flu related, maybe my body is getting use to the c25k routine, so I need to mix it up. My next mini goal is to get to 215, so I have 12 lbs to go. This is a way of life, not a diet. I must commit long term! Here's to living healthy!

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July 25th, 2010

Posted by petesgirl66 Jul 25, 2010

     Woke up feeling a bit discouraged. Today is my day to do week 3 day 2 of the C25K, and I'm NOT feeling it! I have been at this for two and a half weeks, not long, I know, but I have been watching what I eat, smaller portions, more veggies and no Starbucks scones or mini doughnuts. I weigh myself and my weight has not budged! I must be eating more than I am admitting, so I guess my next step is to count calories.

     I woke up about 8 this morning and was planning on hopping on the treadmill to get it out of the way. Well, I was so unmotivated I started cleaning the house and doing laundry instead. I then did a bit of work on the computer. Somehow it was now 1 pm and I hadn't done my c25k! So I drug my lazy butt onto the treadmill and proceeded to do a lazy version of week 3 day 2. I did my walking portion at a slow 2.8 and my jogging (most consider this a walking pace) at 3.8 to 4.0. After I did my last 3 minute cool down I felt disappointed in myself, so I decided to do one more jogging interval at 4.5 for 60 seconds. Well, I did it for 90 seconds, so my workout wasn't a complete disaster.  Why am I so hard on myself? At least I am doing SOMETHING, right?!

     Off to go get the goat hay. Dogs were excited to go with me. Got to Reber Ranch about 3 pm, ran into an old client of mine and had a nice chat. On the way home my car turned into Starbucks and someone in my body ordered an Iced vanilla latte and 3 mini birthday cake doughnuts. Mmm Mmm good. WHY did I do that? One step forward, two steps backwards!!!

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I did it before, about 4 years ago. For some reason I quit, but am starting over again! My goal is to run a 5K in September. Oh, I also need to lose weight. I will lose at least 20 lbs by September.

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