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Posted by puretravel on May 13, 2011 3:11:19 AM

Travel writing is interesting, both to the writer, and the person making  the trip. The writer must enjoy writing and traveling to different  places in the world. travel writing gives the reader, the feel of the  city or country without being there, and it makes the reader want to see  and experience, the places being written about. A good travel writer  can make you feel the place, and its people, writers can makeup your  mind which place to visit and how to see the country or city from a  cultural view. Before traveling do your homework, and study the land and  its people, this will give you a clearer vision of what to expect. I  have three interesting places to discuss, number 1, is Turkey, the  country is raw, and earthy. The people are interesting, and friendly.  The culture is very strict concerning women and their dress, so be  aware, and very conscious of your style of dressing, no shorts. Places  to see, first the camel caravans are very interesting, you have a sense  of traveling back in time, the shadow trees for the shepherds remind you  biblical times, the roman bath houses, also place you in a different  time. Turkey is the place to see if you are looking for the real deal.  My second choice would be Germany, the people are very clean, and the  food is very good. Your first reaction would be why do they keep their  streets and roads so clean the reason for this is simple, cars are very  expensive, and rocks and items on the road could damage their vehicles.  Germany has quite a few sights to see, the forests, the long walks are  good for things to do, and their beer pubs. My third choice would be  Greece, the Mediterranean is heavenly.Know more information about travel writing by visiting website.

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