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China Guide

Posted by puretravel Oct 28, 2011

China is an extraordinary country that holds a vast array of beautiful  things to see. From the museums, the architecture, and the palaces, it's  no surprise that tourists flock to China on a yearly basis just to  visit the famous destinations. Visiting during the China holidays is the  perfect time to go, as all the Chinese traditions take place during the  Chinese New Year. Visiting this country is a must if you are going  across Asia, and people everywhere know that the extraordinary beauty  China has to offer.


When you go to China, it is most recommended that you visit The  Forbidden City, also known as The Palace Museum. This big palace is is  located right in the middle of Beijing. It's beautiful architecture and  history that sits behind the palace is extremely fascinating, and makes  it the perfect place to see at least once during your trio to China.


Seeing the Hangzhou - Paradise on Earth is another nice place to see.  It's located right along the west lake and is a very laid back type of  city when compared to all the other places in China. It's filled with  beautiful gardens, tranquil temples, and a beautiful looking lake along  the side.


Despite the two tourist spots above being very beautiful, nothing comes  close to seeing the Great Wall Of China. The amazing piece of  architecture makes this place the best place to visit during your China holiday. Many movies and tv specials have been filmed on this great bridge,  and it is definitely a must-see when you visit China.


China is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. It is even better  to have go on a China holiday, as there are so many traditional decorations  and things to see that light up the cities of China.

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vacations India

Posted by puretravel Oct 27, 2011

A holiday in India is a wonderful place to spend a couple weeks, or sometimes as many as three weeks. There are a lot of fun and exciting things to see. The colours of their civilization is absolutely breathtaking. The architectural brilliance of the temples will leave you speechless. Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in the world. The beauty of the scenery there is incomparable to anywhere in the world. Taj Mahal is the highlight of vacations India, it is absolutely amazing. A fairytale story was said to have taken place in Delhi. There was a young princess who had much grace and a prince who had charming style. They were very happy together. They traveled to very romantic places, and enjoyed a very pleasant life. Every place in India is very unique in its own way. There are the River Ganges, there are also Forts that are outstanding places to visit. A wonderful place for a honeymoon is Kerala, it is one of the most exotic places you will ever encounter. There are beautiful beaches, romantic houseboats, and exciting cuisine. If you are just visiting on general holiday, you may may want to get involved in a tour that will take you to some very interesting monasteries, there are also many exciting mysteries to uncover. For the more adventurous, you can raft around the River Indus. There are so many beautiful things to see in vacations India, including eye-catching temples, relaxing spas. There is also a variety of bird life and wildlife to absorb while on your vacation to India. You may even spot a horned rhinoceros, or even a Bengal Tiger! While on your holiday  in India, you can enjoy the sights by boat, a royal train ride, or even an afternoon hike. However you chose, plan for a couple weeks of never before seen scenery. They offer cozy cottages to relax in, there are also grand hotels. There are also special personal treats, such as yoga to enjoy, with no one to bother you.

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