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Where is my motivation?

Posted by rcktgirl05 Mar 4, 2010

I admit it... I have been a slacker the last month.  Boy how fast I started to slip when I hit the halfway point to my goal.  25 pounds lost, 25 to go.  I am guilty of celebrating the accomplishment a little too much!  I need to get back on track and pretty quickly.  I haven't been sleeping well though, which is making it so easy to hit the snooze or turn the alarm off instead of get up to go run.  I gotta dig deep this time... I'm happy with my progress, but by no means am I done.  I'm doing the 8k in May and I gotta be ready!

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Finally, back on track

Posted by rcktgirl05 Feb 4, 2010

So this morning I went out for my run and felt fantastic.  Actually, it was my first really great run since the flu over new years.  I knew within a minute it was gonna be a good day!  I really didn't even wonder about the time until I was at about 27 minutes and that was because I was close to getting back to my house and I had to detour so I could make the full 30 minutes.  It feels like I'm FINALLY back on track.  Now that I realize I can do 30 minutes relatively easily, I think I can proceed with One Hour Runner.  I was starting to wonder if I had just hit a wall and really wouldn't be able to go longer than 30.  But now I think it was because I was really still recovering from that stinkin' flu.  Whew... glad that's finally over!


Also, in the good news department... I'm about to break through another tens group in the weight.  This morning I was dead even at 170.0 woo hoo!!  That is a total of 25.6 pounds... sweet.  It feels easy since I'm not deprived or hungry.  I actually ate a grilled stuffed burrito from taco bell yesterday.  The thing is, that is unusual for me now instead of my regular dinner.  It's ok to loosen up every now and then, my challenge is going to be not letting that slip into my old habits.  Buying new clothes, fitting in my old clothes, and watching the pounds melt away is great incentive though!

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Adios old unreliable blog...

Posted by rcktgirl05 Jan 29, 2010

Today I'm switching to Active to journal my thoughts and progress.  My old blog disappeared for 2.5 months and I was actually afraid that they lost it forever, but it did finally reappear.  I just want a simple journal, for my own personal use and maybe a few close friends... but I was heartbroken when I thought my other one was gone forever!  So here's to the new.  I like to look back and see what I was thinking and going through when I compare it to how things are going in the present... helps put my progress in perspective!

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