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Two bills before the General Assembly

Posted by rewtgrj on Mar 2, 2010 2:09:19 AM

Two bills before the General Assembly right now, SB 128 (McDougle) and HB 1300 (Kilgore), would limit the Air Board’s authority to regulate polluters in non-attainment areas. When a region fails to meet the National Ambient Air Quality Standards, set by the EPA to protect public health, the EPA will designate that area as a non-attainment region. Currently only Northern Virginia is listed as a non-attainment region in Virginia. However, Richmond and Hampton Roads are expected to be designated as non-attainment areas by March 2011.  Living in a non-attainment area is bad for your health. Smog and soot, measures used to determine ambient air quality, are linked to So2 and NOx which are in turn connected to decreased lung function, aggravated asthma, chronic bronchitis, irregular heartbeat, heart attacks, premature death. According to the American Lung Association, “Ozone smog threatens the health of infants, children, seniors and people with . . . lung disease. . . . Even healthy young adults and people who exercise or work outdoors can suffer from high levels of ozone pollution.”  Not only is a non-attainment area a major health issue but it is an economic development issue as well. Regions of non-attainment encounter significant federal restrictions. Businesses looking to develop in Virginia do not want to locate in Non-Attainment areas because of these increased restrictions. Getting out of non-attainment is critical for public health and economic development. antonynms lesson

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