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I started using this Masterbuilt Indoor Turkey Fryer 2 days ago. Best catfish ever! I also fried turkey wings and a whole chicken the same day. I had no trouble at all with a 4 lb chicken and bought some small turkeys to fry later. Imagine frying a whole chicken in 17 minutes! No need to imagine it, you can do it!


Easy to use even for a beginner. Cleanup is a breeze! The oil drains perfectly clean if you want to use it again. I was able to drain it all back into the bottles without using a strainer.


The Masterbuilt company has answered every question in a very timely fashion. I would recommend this Indoor Fryer to anyone looking to have fun frying foods.


This is a great Turkey cooking tool! It takes about 15-20 minutes to assemble (unfortunate, but I'm sure it reduces the cost to the consumer as well). The craftsmanship isn't A-grade because of sharp edges and such, but overall it is sturdy enough to seem like it will last a long time.


I wanted to test it out before Thanksgiving, so I bought a 12 lbs turkey to try it out. The turkey took about 2 hours and 15 minutes to cook, which is a little longer than their estimated time (the outside temperature was rather low at 30 degrees F).


The result? Delicious. The skin was nice and crispy, and the inside meat was extremely moist.


The Turkey fryer is easy to use, and it can be used for cooking all kinds of meats. I'm really excited to cook a bigger bird on Thankgiving Dinner

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